Buddy Battles Classic vs Current Scooby Gangs: Final Bracket and Schedule
Buddy Battles Classic vs Current Scooby Gangs: Final Bracket and Schedule
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With the first week of the Buddy Battles behind us, it's now time to move on to the final bracket. In total, 16 Scooby gangs will enter the bracket, but only one will be victorious. Who will be the last one standing? Only your votes can help decide.

After a brutal preliminary round, we had to say goodbye to four of our original Scooby gangs. From the classics we bid farewell to The A-Team and Roswell. Although Mr. T and the gang put up a good fight, they were just narrowly beaten out by Fringe

From the current Scooby gangs we lost the clone club of Orphan Black and the gladiators from Scandal. Both were very narrowly beat out by the liars from Pretty Little Liars

Now that the preliminary round is done, we've got ourselves a final bracket, which you can see below:

Want to keep track of when your favorites are squaring off? 

Here's the complete Buddy Battles schedule:

Round 1: March 10- 14: Eight polls will help us narrow down both sides of the bracket.

Round 2: March 17-21: The surviving gangs will square off in four polls.
Round 3: March 24-28: You'll choose the best current and best classic Scooby gang.

Final Round: March 31-April 4: You'll get to choose your all-time favorite Scooby gang. One current gang and one classic gang will enter, but only one will be crowned.

The Final Result: On April 4 we'll be announcing the winner of the Buddy Battles!

Round one starts on Monday, so make sure to come up with your Buddy Battles strategy. 

Get ready, and may the best Scooby Gang win!

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