'American Idol' Pittsburgh Auditions: Who is the One to Watch?
'American Idol' Pittsburgh Auditions: Who is the One to Watch?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Something unusual happened in Pittsburgh on American Idol this year. We saw a lot of good singers.

Usually there are a handful of truly awful "jokes" thrown into the mix, but not this time. The worst thing we saw in Pittsburgh was some coal miner who thought "Hallelujah" was the song from Shrek. I know he didn't make it to Hollywood, but I would've kicked him out as soon as he said that without even needing to listen to him sing.

But who was the best, the one to watch? Was it adorably awkward Heejun Han (definitely my colleague Carla Patton's pick)? Wholesome Bieber-ish Eben Franckewitz? Wedding singer Erika Van Pelt? Survivor Hallie Day?

For my money, it's none of them. Instead, I'm putting all my chips on New York City street performer Creighton Fraker.

I know my Carla wrote about how annoying she finds him, and I can certainly see her point, but I also see potential in his weirdness. Anyone who earns praise as a cross between Justin Timberlake and Jamiroquai (Timerquai?) instantly gets my vote. Sure, he's weird for weird's sake, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't have a strong voice.

Carla and others will definitely find him annoying, but he'll also have a strong contingent of supporters. He's a "love him or hate him" kind of contestant, and that love portion could help propel him very far.

In some ways, he reminds me of this season's Paul McDonald. He's got a look and a vibe all his own, and I have no idea what kind of brilliant, crazy performance he could bring every week. If all of that isn't enough, his name is also Creighton Fraker, which is pretty darn awesome in my book.

So I'll give you the rest of the field from Pittsburgh, but I'm predicting that Fraker is the one who will go the farthest. Do you agree, or do you think someone else has what it takes?

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