'Crash Course' Finale: Richard Hammond's 10 Best Challenges
'Crash Course' Finale: Richard Hammond's 10 Best Challenges
Die-hard Richard Hammond fans will know that he's no stranger to attempting crazy and/or potentially hazardous feats. Besides Richard Hammond's Crash Course (which has its season finale tonight at 10 PM ET/PT), there's Top Gear and Brainiac: Science Abuse. So here's a list of 10 favorite (though by all means not all the awesome) things Richard has tried...

10. Demolition (from Crash Course): Last week on Crash Course, Richard ventured to Orlando and joined a demolition team. It wasn't necessarily an "OMG!" type challenge, but the fact that he was having as much fun as a kid at Disneyland makes me put it on this list. If only for the growling sound effects he was making in the track hoe.

9. Brainiac Golf/Darts/Snooker (from Brainiac): I am strongly in favor of any engineered sport that ends in the destruction of caravans.

8. Make your own camper van (from Top Gear): Richard was far and away the one with the most interesting design in this challenge, because his camper van folded out to make an entire would-be house with a bedroom and a library. Said house was later toppled by the wind, decimated by a herd of sheep, and abandoned when he couldn't fold it back up again. But whatever possessed him to even think that was a good idea?

7.  Convertible people carrier (from Top Gear):
Generally, any time that the Top Gear hosts are asked to build something, it ends up being a hilarious disaster. The people carrier challenge makes this list as a representative of that, because it had the best ending: the boys accidentally setting a car wash on fire, and deciding yet again to run away.

6. Airport vehicle racing (from Top Gear
): Another Top Gear staple is the great races that the show puts on. It was really hard to choose between, just to name a few, airport vehicle racing, motorhome racing, or the London race where Richard got all tetchy while bicycling. I give airport vehicle racing the final edge because there's something pretty amusing about a catering truck going against portable stairs - especially when the catering truck starts chucking whole carts of food.

5. The Reliant Robin space shuttle (from Top Gear):
This one was oh so close to working, and that's why I love it so much. I never would have imagined you could turn a Reliant Robin into a space shuttle, and yet if it weren't for one fatal flaw, Richard and James May would have done just that. It was so awesome to watch the Robin take flight...and so heartbreaking to see it crash back down to Earth. Still, I'd like to see them try this one again someday.

4. Unbreakable objects (from Brainiac): A lot of things say they're unbreakable, but Richard put them to the test on Brainiac. He knocked them around with a baseball bat, dropped them from midair, and then put them in a caravan that he blew up. The best part? A couple of the objects actually survived. There's some dishware out there that is, in fact, unbreakable.

3. Drivetime radio show (from Top Gear): Being a former radio DJ, Richard tried to whip his co-hosts into shape when the trio were allowed to take over BBC Southern Counties Radio. It didn't go well: James spent part of a planning meeting with a trash can on his head and Jeremy ticked off an elderly listener with his blustery but useless traffic reports. But I was laughing the entire time.

2. Caravan holiday (from Top Gear): If you didn't notice from previous mentions, I share Richard's distaste for caravans. So to see him, Jeremy and James forced to go on a caravan holiday was pretty funny. It was a complete disaster that involved Richard and Top Gear Dog being kidnapped, James breaking the caravan and Jeremy starting a caravan fire that took out the neighboring tent as well. Truly a Top Gear classic.

1. Amphibious vehicles (from Top Gear): This challenge was so great it ended up being in two parts. The hosts' attempts at making amphibious cars were a definition of the term "epic fail," whether it was Richard's "damper van" going down like a sinking ship, or Clarkson's "Toyboata" Hilux capsizing on the final turn. When I think of Top Gear, this is always the first episode that pops to mind, and so it must be the one on the top of this list.

Richard has had some pretty fantastic adventures - and you can watch him add one more to his list with the season finale of Crash Course, where he tackles salvage operations, tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on BBC America. What's your favorite Richard Hammond moment?

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