'Covert Affairs' Recap: The Chase Continues
'Covert Affairs' Recap: The Chase Continues
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In the latest episode of Covert Affairs, titled "Spit on a Stranger," Annie decides to get as close to Ryan as possible and finds out more secrets than she wanted. 

Keep Your Enemies Closer

When Annie acted like she hadn't seen Allen at Ryan's house and accepted the offer to stay for coffee, I figured the way she was going to get more information out of him was to sleep with him. I'm sorry, but it just seemed to make the most sense. I was relieved that it didn't go down like that and her plan to resign from the CIA and then join McQuaid Securities made a lot more sense. Obviously there's a reason that Annie is a top spy with the CIA and I am not. She knows her job much better than I do. 

The whole time Annie was doing her thing, I kept my fingers crossed that she wouldn't find anything on Ryan. Of course it figures that as soon as I really start liking the guy, he's accused of the Chicago bombing. So I was happy when he came to her with the Flint story and Arthur was able to confirm that it did in fact exist. Problem solved, right?

Not so much. 

The Evidence Doesn't Lie, Or Does It?

One person I've been suspicious of since day one has been Caitlyn, but she did seem to be on Annie's side. I mean they fought off the Flint guys together, so I should probably start trusting her. Caitlyn and Arthur both didn't want to believe that Ryan had anything to do with the bombing, but it's hard to discredit evidence like what they found in the bunker. 

So Annie was taken back into the fold and everyone started working together again to go after Ryan. Even Auggie was put on the case after Calder's momentary bout with distrust. Not that Auggie didn't lie to him, but as Joan pointed out, Calder has his own secrets and sometimes you just have to fight for your people. 

More Secrets for Annie

Once Annie was working on the case that she brought in the door, the time for secrets should have been over. But of course that didn't last very long. I know this show is superb at the deception and trickery so anything is still possible with any of these characters, but I instantly wanted to believe Ryan the moment he showed up at her door. I'm sorry, but if you think the CIA is coming after you for a bombing that you know you committed, you don't go running to Annie. I mean you use your money and your planes and you figure out how to sneak out of the country, right?

It looked like Annie and I were thinking along the same lines because, though she held a gun on him, she never actually took Ryan into custody. She let him walk out her door and then lied to Auggie about it. So she's right back where she was before, lying to everyone at the agency. This time though, I'm fully on her side and I really hope she can prove that Ryan is innocent. As for who is still behind the bombings, I have no freaking idea at this point. I wonder if it still might be a character we haven't met yet. 

My favorite bits: 

Annie finding a way to make her loss of position to get closer to Ryan. 

Annie asking Auggie how she looked. That joke will never get old. 

Really hoping that Ryan isn't a bad guy, because his welcoming speech for Annie was great. 

Joan suspecting that Annie was up to something. I love how they know each other so well. 

Annie accusing Ryan of holding something back, after she'd just snuck Auggie's gadget under his desk. Classic. 

Ryan coming clean with Annie. Aw man, please don't tell me he's dirty now. I'm liking him more and more. 

Annie: "I wish I could believe you."
Caitlyn: "I just saved your life, do you believe that?"

Realizing they were looking at an outline of the Chicago facility in the bunker, even before Annie spotted it. 

Ryan showing up at Annie's place and asking him for help. Oh, boy. 

Ryan asking Annie to trust her instincts. 

Annie letting Ryan go. I wasn't expecting that. 

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Do you think Annie was wrong to let Ryan go?

Covert Affairs airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on USA. 

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