'Covert Affairs' Recap: It's Not Over Till It's Over
'Covert Affairs' Recap: It's Not Over Till It's Over
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Annie and Ryan join forces in this episode of Covert Affairs, titled "Brink of the Clouds." Meanwhile, Auggie's juggling act continues until something falls through the cracks. 

Annie and Ryan vs. Annie and Auggie 

Man, this show is playing some serious tennis with my heart. I feel like a part of me will always want Annie and Auggie together, but darn it if Ryan hasn't started to win me over as a possible love interest for her. I can't help it, they just seem to have so much more in common. 

Covert Affairs has also been playing one serious round of golf this season. I realize that's an odd comparison, but bear with me. Ever since the bombing in Chicago, they have been tracking down person after person to get to the bottom of it. They get close and then, thwack!, their quarry is driven farther away. It's kind of like golf. You hit the ball far away, go find it, then hit it far away again. 

The Hunt Continues

So in this episode the new quarry became Faruq Tabrizi, aka Nathan Mueller. The guy who blew up their own people was once CIA and a pretty good friend of Auggie's. That was a direction I didn't see the ball going at all. But I liked that it put Ryan and Annie back together again -- though I also liked Annie and Auggie working together recently, too. Darn it show, stop playing with my feelings this way. So not cool. 

Anyway, Annie and Ryan once again differ on their methods of finding Nathan and, once again, they also find that they were both kind of right. I really thought they were going to catch Nathan and bring him home, but once that reaper was deployed, things got very scary very fast. I'm still not sure I believe that Nathan actually died in that explosion. Yeah, sure he was unconscious on the ground just seconds before it happened but Annie and Ryan jumped out of the way so it's conceivable that he could have the same thing. Alive or not, Nathan's story isn't over, according to Roger's cryptic call to Auggie. 

What Will Auggie Do Now?

Speaking of Auggie, that poor guy had a lot to deal with in this episode. Frankly I'm having a hard time being on Tash's side. I realize that they shared this deep connection a long time ago, but recently she's been nothing but a pill. I also realize that having your boyfriend say he has to keep dating another woman in order to keep his friends (including yet another woman -- who he also used to date) can't be easy, but her behavior has been just plain annoying. 

I kept waiting for her to leave him because it seemed obvious that's what she was going to do, but of course she picked the exact worst moment to do it: when Hayley was across the street. Considering he's a blind guy, Auggie did a pretty good job juggling two ladies, but I think it's all about to hit the fan. Hayley agreed to keep Annie's secret for Auggie, but if she's mad at him, I'm sure that agreement will go out the window. 

Finally there was Calder. I was glad that he went off to rescue Sydney, but I agree with Joan that he's starting to let everything affect his job. It's a rough position to be in as we know he cares about Sydney but being with her in any way, even helping her, is a threat to his career. 

Next week is the summer finale, who else is betting they are going to leave us with another evil cliffhanger? And who else can't wait for it?

My favorite bits:

Hayley finding out Annie has a condition. Uh oh. 

Feeling so sorry for poor Auggie. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Finding out that Joan hired Ryan's company as backup for Annie. Oh, this is going to be fun. 

Annie marching right up the men having tea and just asking them if they'd seen a Russian man in the past few hours. Wow, that girl has guts. 

Calder remarking that the call girl getting arrested wasn't his problem. Ouch. Cold much?

Annie momentarily losing her meds. That was almost enough to give ME a heart attack. 

Finding out that Ryan has been researching Annie's condition. Aw. 

Freaking out when Joan gave the order to fire the reaper. 

The Ryan vs. Nathan fight. So weird how much alike they looked, at least to me. 

Hayley spotting Auggie kissing Tash outside his building. Oops!

Ryan: "No one can tell you how to feel, but I can tell you that you don't have to be alone."

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Do you think Mueller is really dead?

Covert Affairs airs on Tuesday night's at 10pm on USA. 

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