'Covert Affairs' Recap: Honesty is the Best Policy
'Covert Affairs' Recap: Honesty is the Best Policy
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In this episode of Covert Affairs, an unforeseen situation brings Annie's condition dangerously close to being found out, forcing her to come clean with a trusted friend and face the possibility of losing her job forever, in "Silence Kit."

Annie's Last Night

Who would have predicted that Annie's secret would come so close to ending her career under such mundane circumstances. After Auggie's buddy Roger revealed that The Postman was a high-ranking NSA agent named Harris Wilson, Annie started tracking the guy. All it took was an out-of control pickup truck to slam into her and suddenly Annie was being wheeled into the hospital and subjected to a multitude of tests. 

I kept waiting to find out that the truck driver was somehow working for Wilson, but it looked like it was simply just an accident. But once the doctor's knew, Annie realized it was only a matter of time before Langley found out and her job was gone. I was happy that Auggie was able to finally get the truth out of her. I think she really needed to get that (pardon the pun) off her chest. 

A Friendly Face From the Past

I was very excited to see Eyal in this episode, even if it was only in flashbacks. I was glad that Annie went to him when she found out that something was wrong with her and their conversations were incredibly enlightening and also a little sad. While I understand why Annie wants to keep doing her job, it was heartbreaking to realize that she truly had nothing else in her life other than being a spy. 

Eyal told her that she had a golden opportunity to get out of the spy game alive, but of course she had no intention of doing that. He also said that she was now a weaker spy -- not because of her condition but because of the secret that could now be used against her as leverage. I guess it all worked out for the best as Auggie was able to get into her medical files and delete everything about her heart. I want Annie to go back to work, but I do wonder when someone will use that secret against her. Also, I fear for her life in general. Her condition may be treatable, but it's bound to put her life at risk at some point. 

Calder's Call Girl

I can't believe I missed it in the last episode, but Calder's girl was in fact a call girl (as some of you pointed out to me after my last review). I totally missed him leaving money on the table for her. I agree with Joan completely, he has so completely gotten himself mixed in something that is bad news. It's not just the fact that she's a call girl and could ruin his reputation, it's also the fact that he is obviously starting to fall for her and she's not ready for that at all. At the very least, he's in for a broken heart and at the very worst, he could lose his career. Either way, the man is screwed. Sorry, but there's no better way to say it. 

Goodbye, Mr. Postman

I was surprised at how quickly the Postman (aka Wilson) was taken care of. It seems like every new lead into the Chicago bombing leads them to bigger and bigger bad guys. I wonder who will turn out to be the next culprit and where their search will lead them. 

My favorite bits:

Auggie: "Roger you sound a little paranoid."
Roger: "I'm always paranoid."

Finding it hilarious that apparently everyone in D.C. had been invited to the awards dinner. 

Nearly jumping out of my skin when Annie got sideswiped by that truck. 

Auggie in a tux. That is all. 

Auggie demanding the truth from Annie. 

Finding out that the help Annie got for her heart was from Eyal. 

Annie: "The Talmud? Really?" 
Eyal: "This is life or death, Neshama. I'm bringing out the big guns."

Auggie asking if any of the files were braille so he could help out. Ha!

Annie: "I'm a tad underdressed." 
Auggie: "Don't worry, I look good enough for both of us."

Auggie: "The hardest decisions in life are sometimes made for us. It's how we choose to live with them that matters."

Joan informing Calder that, whatever his girl costs, she wasn't worth it. 

Hayley: "So are you some good guy who's sometimes bad or a bad guy who's trying to be good?" 
Auggie: "Maybe a little bit of both."

Annie watching the sun come up in front of the Washington Monument. 

Annie trying to water a very dead plant. 

Annie showing up at Auggie's place and finding out that Hayley spent the night. Awkward.

Auggie telling Annie he liked it better when they were honest with each other. 

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? What was your favorite part of the episode?

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