'Covert Affairs' Recap: Has Annie Put Her Trust in the Wrong Person?
'Covert Affairs' Recap: Has Annie Put Her Trust in the Wrong Person?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In Covert Affairs, "Grounded," Annie's big secret gets out and sets into motion a chain of events that she struggles to handle while trying to get the real story on the person behind the Chicago bombing.
The Truth Hurts

I have to admit that I'm still kind of on the fence about how to feel about Annie hiding her condition from the agency. I've always understood her desire to work, but I also understand the agency's policy. If she wants to risk her life, that's one thing, but what about anyone else who might be under her protection if she has an attack? 

So it was with mixed emotions I watched as Annie was trotted out and offered a desk job after her condition was discovered. I definitely don't want to see her at a desk job and I have no idea how all of this will be resolved. 

Conspiracies Aren't Only Theories

Roger and Annie's stories were almost parallel in this episode. He had a condition that was worsened by his job, but couldn't bear the thought of living without doing that job. I wasn't sure if he could be believed, but I was fairly certain that he wouldn't just walk out into traffic to be hit by a car on his own. It made sense that he was pushed, but when they found his briefcase full of nothing but conspiracy theories I thought maybe he had indeed been led astray by his errant thoughts. 

That's why I was so glad that Auggie took a closer look and realized that Roger would never have fallen for that stuff. All along, the joke has been that Roger was paranoid but, as a spy, he had reason to be. So of course it was possible that he was telling the truth and someone set it up to look like he went nuts and got himself killed in an accident. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

Once Annie found out she was suspended, I literally expected the episode to end right there. I mean, what else can be said after that? I thought we'd be left in suspense until some miracle would happen in the next episode to save her. But instead the story continued to unfold as Annie went to Ryan's house to apologize for getting him involved and especially for losing all his money. 

What followed was easily my favorite scene of the episode and probably one of my most favorite scenes ever. I just loved that we got to see Annie and Ryan talking, laughing, eating and smiling all night. It could so easily have gone straight to sex and I'm glad it didn't right away. It was nice to see two people connecting on a deep, emotional level before the physical stuff began. 

That was, of course, until Annie discovered the "dog walker" talking to Ryan. We discovered once again that Roger was right, but now the question becomes: How much does Ryan know? I really hope that Ryan hasn't been involved in the bombing since the beginning. Not just because I liked the guy, but also because Annie could really use a break right now and finding out the guy you were getting close to might have killed a bunch of people doesn't exactly qualify as one. 

I shall be waiting impatiently until next week to find out what will happen next. 

My favorite bits:

Auggie asking Annie which side the graffiti was on. 

"Come on in, the water's fine." -- Aw, leave it to Auggie to find a way to try and make Annie feel better.

Eric trying to convince Annie that she was moving to a good desk. Somehow I don't think that will help. 

Jean telling Annie that she wasn't just good in the field, she was exceptional. 

Auggie: "I stand by my decisions and you should stand behind Annie."

Annie not even letting Ryan say "hello" before telling him that Mueller may not have been behind the Chicago bombing. 

How quickly volunteered to help Annie out. 

Ryan: "I have spent far more on far less." 
Annie: "Maybe you should keep that to yourself."

Caitlyn: "I just hope you're running Annie, and it's not the other way around."

Annie: "He thinks he's being followed."
Ryan: "He's a spy. Pretty good chance he's right."

Auggie and Annie holding hands before she went in to meet with Joan. 

Annie: "Just because someone has an illness, doesn't mean they're not valuable."

Ryan inviting Annie in for a drink and informing her that it wasn't a question. 

Seeing Annie smile again for the first time in I don't know how long. 

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Were you surprised about the revelation about Ryan?

Covert Affairs airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on USA. 

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