'Covert Affairs' Recap: Annie Proves One is Better Than Four
'Covert Affairs' Recap: Annie Proves One is Better Than Four
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Annie is forced to reveal her secret to McQuaid when things get intense in Venezuela, but that almost the least of her problems in this episode of Covert Affairs

I really thought that the hunt for Borz was going to take longer than it actually did, which means that there is undoubtedly a whole lot more going on with the Chicago attack than we first thought. 

One is Better Than Four

Annie got word that Borz was spotted on a plane to Venezuela and off she went to hunt him down. The only trouble was that McQuaid was there for the same thing, which she discovered when the two of them end up tracking the terrorist to the same mosque. McQuaid played the dude card and soon he was chatting it up with the leader, but Annie used her womanly ways (meaning she was just nice) and got the daughter to talk a little bit, too. 

It was a theme that played out a few times throughout the episode with varying results. McQuaid kept trying to claim his way was better, but it wasn't necessarily always the case. Sure, he had four guys with him, but Annie still did a pretty darn good job all on her own. She even managed to put a tracker on McQuaid's phone, though the jury's still out on whether or not he let her do it. 

She was also the one who thought of using Asha as a possible resource and she was right. Let's not forget that Annie actually found Borz, but when she had another "episode" it was lucky that McQuaid and his men were there to help her out. 

A Deadly Secret

Some people keep secrets like having a crush on someone else's boyfriend. Annie's secret is much more dangerous than that. She admitted to McQuaid that she had a heart condition that she was hiding from the CIA. While I understand her desire to keep doing the job that she loves, it seems to me that her condition may someday endanger more than just herself. What if she's acting as backup for someone on a mission and has an episode? 

McQuaid was the ultimate smooth operator. He offered Annie a job and not only did he not take back his offer once he found out about her illness, he even promised to keep her secret for her. I don't know that I see her going to work for him, but if Langley does find out the truth, she may just have to. 

First Day on the Job

I'm not quite sure what's happening with Arthur and McQuaid's "number two" (as he called her), but I'm already beyond suspicious. Sure a dinner meeting can be completely innocent between two co-workers, but it seemed to me that she was interested in a whole lot more than that. 

Too Much, Too Soon?

Speaking of people being interested in more than dinner, was I the only one who thought it was maybe a little too soon for Auggie to be jumping in the sack with Hayley? Unless there was some sort of time jump I wasn't aware of, he slept with her the same day he met her. I mean I know Auggie is hot, but wow. Also, and maybe this is just the hardcore "shipper" in me, but I felt like it was too soon after he and Annie declared that they were going to be just friends. Like I said, that's probably just me though. 

There's one thing about that scene that I did appreciate: Shirtless Auggie. Call me crazy, but I'll never, ever turn down a chance to see that. 

I have to wonder if Annie and McQuaid are headed in a similar direction. They do seem to be getting along better and there's no denying the chemistry is there. Even though Borz has been captured, I'm sure getting him home won't be simple so Annie and McQuaid are probably going to have a lot more chances to get to know each other as the season continues. 

My favorite bits:

Auggie refusing to go talk to the team investigating Chicago, unless they brought a Tazer and a subpoena. You tell'em Auggie!

Annie suddenly finding herself in a Mexican stand-off. in Venezuela. 

The look on Annie's face when McQuaid suggested that they try to work together. That was priceless. 

McQuaid: "It's okay, you can admit it. No man, or woman, is an island."

Finding out that Annie planted her phone on McQuaid. She is so brilliant. 

Annie putting on her "sweet and innocent" voice as soon as the police started questioning her. 

Auggie informing Hayley that he wasn't going to sit around while she questioned his colleague's intentions, and the fact that she didn't let him leave the room. 

McQuaid trying to recruit Annie while they were both handcuffed. Gotta admit, that was pretty smooth. 

McQuaid's smile when he dumped Annie's phone down the sewer grate. So naughty.

Annie trying to pretend that she was in the country for a boob job. 

Auggie shooting daggers at Calder when he picked up his phone. I didn't realize a blind guy could do that. Pretty awesome. 

Freaking out when Annie passed out on that dock. Whoa. 

Auggie sending a drink down to "Miss Buzzkill" at the bar. 

Shirtless Auggie. That is all. 

Hayley: "I like to be in charge, I hope that's okay."

McQuaid: "Oh, I've been known to sound a barbaric yawp from time to time. It keeps the demons at bay."

McQuaid's idea of "mood music."

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Were you surprised at how fast Auggie and Hayley got together?

Covert Affairs airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on USA. 

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