'Covert Affairs' Exclusive Video: Arthur Plans Auggie's Rescue Without Joan
'Covert Affairs' Exclusive Video: Arthur Plans Auggie's Rescue Without Joan
Last week was a 'shippers dream as we saw Annie and Auggie pretend to be married for 36 hours. So far according to our poll, 69 percent would like to see them as a couple. The only problem is last week on Covert Affairs Auggie was on his way to propose to Parker.

Will his plan go without a hitch? It's unlikely if you've ever seen an episode of Covert Affairs.

In the exclusive clip from "The Last Thing You Should Do" Arthur walks into Joan's office to inform her that Auggie and three others have been taken hostage by Somali pirates! Watch the sneak peek to see Joan's reaction and why Auggie was there in the first place.

Is Arthur slacking on the job? Why did he not remember approving Auggie's request? While we've seen some friction in the Campbell marriage this season, has Arthur officially drawn the line between their personal and professional relationship by assigning point to someone else?

My guess is it went to Lena considering the power struggle we saw last week. But to be sure, we'll have to tune in to Covert Affairs Tuesday at 10pm on USA Network.

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(Image and video courtesy of USA)