5 Questions with Christopher Gorham: 'Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable'
5 Questions with Christopher Gorham: 'Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable'
USA's Covert Affairs has gotten a bit of a make-over in its third season, which kicked off on July 10. With this season shaping up to be the most surprising yet, star Chris Gorham was kind enough to answer a few of our burning questions about what fans can look forward to for the rest of the season and for Auggie, in particular.

Last season, Auggie learned he was not a candidate for an experimental procedure that could have restored his sight. Has he given up on that possibility or is he still looking for alternative or experimental treatments?

He's moved on.  I feel, and Matt and Chris feel, that we have an opportunity to do some real good by portraying a disabled Veteran in such a positive, and also practical, light on television.  To make up some miracle cure for his injury, while none is available to the real men and women like him, would, to us, dishonor everything we've done so far.  Auggie's vision loss is permanent and how he deals with that is a big part of his journey on the show.

Auggie's become such a vital member of the D.P.D. How has Joan been coping without him and will she continue to make plays to get Auggie transferred back under her command?

Joan has a real soft spot for Auggie and she'll take him back just about any way she can get him, I think.  That said, Joan knows how the CIA works and, like Auggie said last week, "Nothing's ever permanent."

Auggie's love life has gotten a lot of attention among the show's fans. Do you think Parker has the potential to remain in his life for the long-haul?

Auggie certainly thinks so.  Not only is he in love with her, he's desperately looking for stability in his life right now and she has the ability to give that to him. 

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With all the questions surrounding Jai's death, is Auggie worried that taking over for Jai at the O.S.P. will lead him toward a similar fate?

He's worried.  That's why he asked Joan about a lawyer.  And, by the way, he should be worried.  By the end of summer, Auggie's investigation is going to lead him into a very dangerous spot.

The show has seen a lot of changes in just the first two episodes of season 3. Will there be even more changes to come and how did these changes impact the atmosphere behind-the-scenes?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  We've turned a corner, in season three, to a style of storytelling that's more exciting, a little darker and with a lot more uncertainty.  The surprises keep coming!

USA's Covert Affairs airs Tuesday nights at 10pm.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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