Spoiler Alert: 'Cougar Town' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Cougar Town' Spoilers
Turn back if you aren't interested in some juicy Cougar Town spoilers!

The best part about Cougar Town is that there are no cougars whatsoever. It bears little resemblance to its title and to its initial concept. Courtney Cox was supposed to be dating men half her age, drink wine and deal with the scandal of such. Now she just drinks glasses of wine and hangs out with the loveable cul-de-sac crew. It sounds almost lame like the title, but it is one of the best comedies on television.

And that lame title is officially the first piece of spoiler pie. It has been speculated that the creators of Cougar Town are looking to change the name to reflect on the show's emphasis on friendship. The frontrunner? Friends with Beverages. And anyone who knows that the show is in fact about friends who drink an enormous amount of wine appreciates that title. Any other suggestions? Mine would be anything inclined towards 'Pen-nie Can!'

To uncork the spoilers, let's start the celebration about our favorite non-married couple 'Juleson.' Grayson and Jules are working out their differences on the baby drama. Grayson and Jules disagree about having children together but that all changes when Grayson discovers he is a father when an old flame comes to town. Jaw dropped.

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The baby mama will be played by Briga Heelan. I guess they are sort of sticking to that Cougar Town concept then. The rift this imposes on Jules and Grayson will send the couple to therapy in a preemptive strike. The couple's new therapist is former MADtv golden girl Nicole Sullivan. Is this the right move for the show? Are you worried this will become another Luke-Lorelei situation?

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As for the rest of the cul-de-sac crew, we all have the privilege of meeting Ellie's mother, Claire, to be played by Susan Blakely (The Towering Inferno, Southland). Like Ellie, Claire has a certain charm, but Claire is rumored to be even worse of a person than Ellie--yikes.

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Here's some of the fun Cougar Town spoilers. Bobby's getting a love interest! After a lonely vacation on last year's season finale, Bobby is finally getting some ... with Sarah Chalke! The Scrubs star scored a major arc as Travis' photography professor who meets Bobby through Travis. I can just imagine how awkward that would be for poor Travis. He can't win with either parent! Neither can any pseudo-teenager though.

So what do you think of this season's promising storylines? Excited for the Scrubs reunion with Sarah Chalke? Do you want to see Ellie in 30 years? Also, check out the personality quiz to see which character you drink like.

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