'Cougar Town' on TBS Previews New Season with Drinking Game
'Cougar Town' on TBS Previews New Season with Drinking Game
Bill King
Bill King
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The sort-of-hit-but-not-quite-hit-enough-to-stay-around comedy Cougar Town was saved from extinction earlier this year when TBS picked up the series after ABC dropped it, and two new promos are out now to preview the upcoming fourth season.

When we last left Courtney Cox and the quirky cul-de-sac crew, Jules finally got her dream beach wedding, and she and Grayson rode off into the sunset on a horse (aren't cliches beautiful?). Now, the whole gang is back on a new network and with a new drinking game. Thank you, Ted Turner.

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The first promo highlights the TBS transition with a wine-chugging game based around the word "new."

The second will acquaint any new viewers to the characters in a very quick introduction that actually sums things up pretty well. Except for the fact that it inexplicably fails to mention that Bobby is Jules' ex-husband.

When this show first came out and I started watching, I viewed it as a guilty pleasure I didn't really like that I couldn't help but constantly laugh through. I didn't know if the characters were going to endear themselves, because the show is so based in quick humor and one-liners that it's hard to take anyone seriously or expect much development. But then something weird happened (and it isn't the awesome simplicity of Penny Can), and I found myself caring more about them more than I expected to. They grew from imaginary stock characters to absurd people you'd want to hang out and drink wine with. It almost makes you feel like they are acting less and being their hilarious selves more.

So will Cougar Town succeed on TBS where it couldn't on ABC? It is the crown acquisition of the network, where lower ratings doesn't mean certain death like it does on one of the big four. Only time will tell, but until the January premiere, these two promos will have to suffice.

Cougar Town returns January 8 on TBS.

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