'The Glee Project' Recap: Bullying Is Bad
'The Glee Project' Recap: Bullying Is Bad
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In case you didn't know, bullying is an epidemic. And it's not good and you shouldn't do it. That's the message of "Vulnerability" week on The Glee Project, and my cynical heart is unable to process this message in any genuine way.

You see, I'm bullied out. By this point, bullying is like smoking. Everyone already knows it's bad, so there's really nothing new to be added to the conversation. When Cory Monteith makes a PSA saying he's taking a stand against bullying, all I can think about is, "Are there people out there who are taking a stand in favor of bullying?" It's like taking a stand against drowning kittens.

Homework Assignment: Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You"

Once again there are fights over who gets to sing what line. Mario seems to be causing trouble, again, while Aylin and Lily are clearly not liking each other at all. The performance is full of kids who look like Cory Monteith just drowned their kittens.

On the bright side, Cory actually has constructive criticism for several contestants and he's not just blindly saying everyone is amazing. He points out issues with Abraham overacting, Ali oversinging and Lily overperforming. And he's right about all three.

Less impressive is Cory's one-on-one session with Nellie, who deservedly wins for seeming raw and pure. He tells her that when he needs to do a sad scene he thinks of his parents' divorce, which sounds like one of those painfully lame "acting" techniques soap opera stars use. Nellie turns it around, however, by talking about how it's the 10-year anniversary of her sister's death, which is the single most moving moment of the episode for me. In fact, Nellie is the only person who feels genuinely vulnerable throughout the whole episode.

Music Video: REM's "Everybody Hurts"

Choreography: There's no choreograph this week (I guess because last week's dancing was so atrocious), which sadly means very little Zach Woodlee.

Instead, the video director shows up to ask the kids about times they were bullied. Shanna talks about how kids called her a crack baby and Lily offers a surprising twist, revealing that she was actually the bully. That's touching, except she claims that the movie Mean Girls showed her the light. Really?

Vocals: Michael, Shanna and Aylin are quite good, while Ali has a rough time. Mario is very standoffish with Nikki and he's definitely starting to reveal himself as someone no one really likes working with.

Video Shoot: The entire video features kids bullying each other and getting bullied, so it's pretty intense.

Lily can't lip sync at all and the judges get turned off when she blames everyone else for her problem. However, when it's Lily's turn to be the bully, she attacks Aylin and totally sells it, taking it to a very scary place.

As for acting, Blake and Michael are once again the stand-outs, as they have been all season. Can we give them a free pass to the finale already? And Abraham steps up his game. But Charlie isn't having such a good time. In one scene he's one of several guys bullying Mario and he steals Mario's cane, which was unplanned and which everyone is really shocked by, and not in a good way.

The Bottom 3

Blake is the big winner and the other contestants must be getting tired of him getting all the praise all the time. Ali and Nellie escape by the skin of their teeth.

Lily - "Mercy" by Duffy: She once again stakes her claim as a seductress, but I don't think she's so good that it compensates for her difficulty issues. Ryan Murphy doesn't buy her as an underdog, so she cries about how she hasn't been given the chance to sing a ballad for him to show her softer side. And, of course, Ryan loves that crap.

 Charlie - "Fix You" by Coldplay: Mini-Finn kills it and the arrangement is so different that Ryan falls in love with it. Ryan then calls this performance his favorite thing he's ever seen on The Glee Project. I wouldn't quite agree, but yeah, the kid is definitely a contender.

Mario - "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz: This performance is so staged and forced that I don't believe any of it. He's technically proficient, but lacks the depth and humanity this show requires.

Who's Going Home?

No one is eliminated! What??? Maybe Ryan thought sending someone home would be perceived as him bullying the contestants. I was sure Lily or Mario (or maybe both) were gone. I can only assume there will be some double eliminations coming up soon.

Next week on The Glee Project: Naya Rivera teaches the contestants to be sexy, which involves lots and lots of grinding. There's a good chance Aylin's Turkish-Muslim loins will explode with excitement.

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