'Constantine' Panel: Saving His Soul, Introducing Zed, and More
'Constantine' Panel: Saving His Soul, Introducing Zed, and More
Carla Day
Carla Day
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NBC is bringing the DC Comics' character of Constantine from Hellblazer to the small screen on Fridays this fall to follow their other supernatural genre show Grimm. At this week's Television Critics Association Summer Press tour (TCA), the cast and executive producers discussed the series.

Stars Matt Ryan (Constantine), Charles Halford (Chas), Harold Perrineau (Manny) and Executive Producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer were in attendance. 

Read on for excepts from the panel about the characters and challenges they will be facing.

Saving Constantine's Soul

Goyer: Look, that's one of the sort of age-old questions underlying a lot of our religions, is should we be good because there's an eternal reward, or should we be good to be good?  

Cerone:  And who judges that? 

Goyer:  Yeah, and who judges that? And that quandary is definitely something that we'll be dealing with. When we say "save his soul," we're speaking metaphorically and literally.  So not to get too heavy  we hope it's a fun show  but we will be dealing with all of those kinds of questions.

Ryan:  There's a great line, isn't there, when he says, "Are you doing this to save your sorry soul or are you doing this to save yourself?"

Introducing Manny

Perrineau:  He's an angel.  I say he's always an angel of questionable intent.  That's how I sort of describe him right now.

Cerone: Manny was designed to be a bit of a mysterious character, and we took that seriously all the way down to his wardrobe and the design of his wings. I mean, you do see him dressed in gray. We want him to be mysterious. He is an angel. He does represent the heavens, but he's also someone who's one would imagine that, being in the heavens and watching man through the dawn of time, one might grow impatient for certain things to happen or improvements to happen.  Manny is someone who is tired of watching. He is very good of heart, but he also has his own challenges and moral conflictions, very much like Constantine.

Angelica Celaya Cast as Zed

Cerone:  [Angelica Celaya]  is a telenovela star, big on Telemundo.  She's on the cover this week of People Espanol.  She, as the character Zed  if anyone knows the comics, she's a psychic.  She's someone who already has powers when she meets John.  

Who is Zed?

Cerone:  [She has a] very dark past, many of her own secrets.  She's just someone who can go toe-o-toe with John. Ultimately, in the series that's what we felt like we needed. We wanted a more dynamic relationship as opposed to someone who was always a teacher, a mentor, and a student. ...  One of the things, as we talked about her character and that we loved, is Constantine.  Look, he's a con man.  He's a spiritual grifter.  He's a supernatural fixer.  He is a bullshit artist.  Zed is the kind of character who is an  she's intuitive.  And she can detect bullshit.  So she's the perfect person to call him on the stuff that he's  

Perrineau:  On his bullshit.

DC Comic Easter Eggs

Goyer: We wrote in the pilot that the Dr. Fate helmet, which is another character from the comic books that may show up later on  but we wanted to put that in the pilot, and then Geoff (Johns) said, "Hey, why don't we throw in a bunch of other Easter eggs from the DC universe, and we'll have our sort of creative department 3D print them up?"  So there's actually a half dozen other ones.

Constantine premieres Friday, October 24 at 10pm ET on NBC.

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