'Conan' Video and Episode Recap: 'Show Zero'
'Conan' Video and Episode Recap: 'Show Zero'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Conan gave his fans a special treat last night: A sneak peek at his new talk show on TBS, simply named Conan, which premieres November 8. (The day after my birthday! "Happy birthday to ME, Love Conan.") Anyway, to whet all our appetites again for that special brand of Irish ginger comedy, Conan and his crew presented "Show Zero," which you can watch below.

And I recapped it, because if Conan can host the shortest talk show ever, then maybe that means I can write the shortest recap ever (with commentary!). So I too can get my name in the history books. ("What are books?" - You.)

Here we go:

Opening: Conan explained that this was "Show Zero." Conan asked Andy to announce him. Andy announced him. ON POINT.
The Band: Jerry Vevino played the picolo for a sec, and Conan called it a "fancy kazoo." HAHA!
Special Effects: A rotating rainbow lamp in the background. CLASSY!
Monologue: A joke about a transgendered South African athlete using Facebook. NAILED IT.
First Guest: Jim Parsons! He says almost nothing and is still precious. <333333
Musical Guest: Steel Train. Crappy first chord. I won't be buying that album. BOO.
Sponsor: Diet Coke. I LOVE Diet Coke. Even more with a lemon in it. Thanks for the reminder, Andy!
Closer: The dancing taco. Which reminds me: LUNCHTIME!

And since none of my recaps would be complete without a screencap, here you go:

teamcoco-showzero2.jpgYou can't tell, but for Jim Parsons it says "1st Animal."

Shortest recap EVER! (Except for that time I watched Heroes and just wrote "UNSUBSCRIBE." In an email. To Tim Kring's publicist.)

I'll be tuning in November 8 for the Conan premiere. Will you?

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