VIDEO: 'Community' Space Cadets
VIDEO: 'Community' Space Cadets
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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After last week's sneaky good episode of Community, I was really looking forward to keeping my eyes glued to the screen. Last week the show pulled a fast one on us and had Abed involved in a subliminal storyline that I all but missed completely. (Check out the video of Abed's bizarre subliminal storyline.) So this week the episode was basically a giant product placement for KFC. However, when you consider the low ratings the show has been getting, I'll take Community any way I can get it.

"Basic Rocket Science" existed solely to pay homage to space exploration films like Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, and Space Camp. Nothing about the plot of the episode had anything to do with the long form narrative but that doesn't really matter when you're dealing with Community. As usual with our little show that could, the plot was secondary to all the pop cultural references and meta humor. "Basic Rocket Science" was as epic an episode as last season's "Modern Warfare" which really cemented Community as the go-to show for pop cultural reenactments.

There were many side stories that made this episode great. Pierce was having Col. Sanders hallucinations, Annie was considering City College, Troy was trying to find his inner captain, Jeff was annoyed, and Abed was living out a movie induced fantasy by being the one to guide them all safely home.

All in all it was a pretty entertaining one off episode of Community and it makes me excited for what entertainment genre they are going to spoof next. What did y'all think of "Basic Rocket Science"? Is it on par with their other homages? Let me know below. 

Other quick thoughts:

  • How about the gag flag the gang created for Greendale: E Pluribus Anus, with an ... let's just call it an asterisk. Wickedly funny!
  • Did anyone notice the score playing throughout the episode? I know it's from some movie I just can't place it.
  • Pierce confusing a Wesley Snipes audio book on an iPhone with a phone conversation was classic.
  • Jeff's line about Greendale being their toilet and no one craps there but them was inspirational.
  • Troy's line about there being a time and place for subtlety and that was before Scary Movie
Check out these two clips from last night's episode. The first one is Jeff's speach about saving Greendale. The second video is the instantly classic end tag. It's a "Troy and Abed thing", you wouldn't understand.

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