VIDEO: 'Community' Keeps the Laughs Coming
VIDEO: 'Community' Keeps the Laughs Coming
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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This week's NBC Thursday "Big Three" had a strong output. Of the three biggies, The Office really came out on top, but 30 Rock was a pretty close second and Community didn't disappoint either. I still haven't got the nerve to watch the last two Outsourced episodes on my DVR because the other shows have been so good, I don't want to come down from my comedy high.

Earlier today I wrote about The Office's return to form. I really feel like this week's episode, "Andy's Play," is a series highlight and a sign of how the show may be able to progress beyond Michael. I also wrote about 30 Rock and how their constant badgering of NBC is really quite impressive. But enough about The Office and 30 Rock, let's highlight Community.

After two solid Community efforts this season, this week's episode, "The Psychology of Letting Go," wasn't my favorite. It wasn't terrible by any stretch; it just wasn't drop dead funny. Instead, it was more touching than usual, and for whatever reason, my cynical heart was moved. Don't get me wrong, there were definitely laughs, the whole Duncan/Chang force field bit was inspired, but some sweet moments kind of sneaked in there and I wasn't expecting it. Usually I cringe when sitcoms play the mushy card (see the last couple minutes of any Modern Family episode for an example) but for whatever reason I kind dug this week's approach at humanizing Jeff.

The way Jeff handled the news of his high cholesterol mixed with Pierec's delusion made for a pretty interesting story. Pierce's religion has come up before so it was fun to get some more info about his wacky cult. The B-story was less interesting but it was still fun to watch Britta and Annie "sell out their gender."

Watch Pierce explain what happened to his mom.

Other quick thoughts:

  • Annie's line "I'm so glad this tragedy overshadowed Haiti, I had no ideas for that" was a risky, but funny line.
  • It was fun to see Patton Oswald back. When will NBC give him his own show?
  • What in the world was Abed doing in the background this episode? Was he really delivering a baby in the back of a truck?
  • No Abed and Troy end tags this week. Instead we were treated to hear Betty White try to explain the plot of Inception to a group of indigenous people.    

You've got to watch Betty White spoil Inception.

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