VIDEO: 'Community' Pops and Locks, '30 Rock' Rocks
VIDEO: 'Community' Pops and Locks, '30 Rock' Rocks
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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Last night was a fantastic night for NBC's "Big 3" comedies: The Office, 30 Rock and Community. All 3 episodes showcased their unique brand of humor so well that it's hard for me to choose a favorite. I realize that I'm leaving Outsourced out of the mix, but in all honesty, I wasn't in the mood to watch it last night. I didn't want to come down from my comedy high.

If there was a central theme for last night's block, it would have to be character backstory.  We learned why Michael Scott wanted to be a manager, met someone from Jeff Winger's origins, and saw Tracy Jordan channel his inner Slumdog Millionaire, by recalling otherwise random events from his past in order to make it to the hospital on time.

Watching NBC's 3 solid offerings last night made me long for my beloved Parks and Recreation. It is probably my favorite of the 4 comedies. When will NBC Thursday night get their act together and pair all four shows together again, where they belong. I suppose I should give Outsourced more of a chance but there are only so many hours in a day.

Anyway, there were so many funny moments last night, we could never include them all. If you want to hear my thoughts on last night's Office check out my recap. Otherwise, here are some videos and thoughts from this week's 30 Rock and Community.


First let me say that if you aren't watching Community you are really missing out on one of TV's best comedies. Earlier this week, I wrote a love letter to the show when I talked about their brilliant use of homages. Unfortunately, the show currently isn't pulling in the numbers it should; so if you're still on the fence: Start Watching!    

When I posted pictures earlier this week of "Accounting for Lawyers," I had no clue where this episode was going. I knew Rob Corddry and Drew Carey would be guest staring as slimy lawyers from Jeff's past, but that was about it. I was most curious about the cryptic photos where it appears Annie kills a guy. I was intrigued when I saw the photos of Abed, Troy and Annie sprawled out on the floor, but I had no idea what to make of it. I was sure the episode was going to have a murder mystery theme. I was way off.

It was fun to see Jeff revert to his old smarmy ways, and to see the "Pop and Lockathon."  And there were a slew of wicked one liners like the "Kanye and Kumar" bit, or "I need to rub Purell on my brain). However, the best part of the episode came when Annie, Troy and Abed sneaked into Alan's (Corddry) office to prove that he was the guy who sold out Jeff. When they were busted by the custodian, Annie did the only appropriate thing: She chloroformed the guy!

Troy's reaction to Annie's bold move had me in stitches. He was prancing around the room shouting "I don't know what to do; my whole brain is crying." My whole brain was laughing.

Check out the video:

And just for fun, here is a video of the end tag. The Troy and Abed end tags are always one the best moments of the show.

30 Rock

Tracy and Jack dominated this episode. Jack found out that he and Avery are having a baby boy (which later turned out to be a baby girl). Liz tells Jack that he will be an awesome old dad. Jack reminds Liz that "50 is the new 40. For men. But 50 is still 60 for women." Still bothered by Lemon's "old dad" accusation, Jack embarks on a My Life-style video logging of lessons for his unborn child. We found out that while at Harvard Jack was voted "Most", and that the song "You're So Vain" was written -- by him, and that the secret to a healthy head of hair is dove blood. Good sage Donaghy wisdom.

Tracy was busy werewolfing himself so he wouldn't miss the birth of his baby daughter. He ends up getting separated from Grizz and Dotcom, and lands in the middle of a Cash Cab contest. Tracy uses his crazy experiences and his Exxon parking lot education to answer all the questions correctly. Let just say there was a thing called centipede-ing involved.

Check out these 30 Rock videos. The first one is a clip of the video Jack is making for his unborn child. The second one is a sneak peek at next week's episode.

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