'Community's' Jim Rash on Playing Dean Pelton, New 'Office Hours' Webisodes
'Community's' Jim Rash on Playing Dean Pelton, New 'Office Hours' Webisodes
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Among the many glorious things about Community this season is the emergence of Dean Pelton, played by Groundlings veteran and frequent accidental Moby impersonator Jim Rash, as one of the comedy's funniest and most bizarre characters. As his spot-on Lady Gaga Halloween costume (and all ABBA soundtrack) showed us, this is one weirdo whose layers we've just begun to peel.

He may not always get main billing on the series, though his quotes are often among the best, but now the Dean has his own place to shine: On Community's new series of webisodes, "Office Hours," which focus on Dean Pelton's day to day dealings with the strange and troubled students at Greendale.

Rash spoke with the media yesterday afternoon about his role as the Dean and the new webisodes, the first three of which you can see right here. Watch them (#2, "Hair Piece," is my personal favorite) and then check out what Rash had to say about the new, Pelton-centric project:

On how he views Dean Pelton: "He is a guy who at his core really wants this school to be success -- I think he fancies his community college to be, as he sarcastically put it, I think he wants this place to be as great as the four-year college everyone transfers to. Of course, he makes a lot of missteps along the way but his heart is in the right place.I remember when we first, started [creator] Dan Harmon felt like I probably went to some Ivy League school and felt like he didn't get the college experience he wanted so he's trying the make this the experience he wishes he could have."

On how he sees the webisodes fitting into the show:
"I'm honored to have the chance to expand Community outside the show. [...] I do think it's a great way to broaden your being seen and expand who watches your show. For shows that are special and have a good solid following, [a web series] is a great place to nurture them."

On the difference between filming these and Community:
"It was the same in the sense of having the same set and most of the same crew. We shot those during a hiatus week. That part of it felt the same. It was fun, obviously, because Leonard was in some of those and so is the Human Being. It did feel a little weird, but hopefully we'll do more and get more of the regular cast involved."

On his favorite Community filming moments so far:
"I think I'm partial to shooting the Apollo 13 space episode personally, but I will say that one of my favorite times was only the second episode I was in. It was the football one, where I got to come in and ask Troy if he wanted to play football. That was the first time back for me, and it was fun to start fleshing out who that guy was."

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