'Community': Gillian Jacobs Chats with Fans About Dream Guest Stars and Her Love for Torg
'Community': Gillian Jacobs Chats with Fans About Dream Guest Stars and Her Love for Torg
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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A week after Community's promising return reception, Gillian Jacobs (who plays the clumsy, protest-ready Britta) sat down with fans for a live Web chat hosted by Show Tracker via the Los Angeles Times. Here are some interesting tidbits we learned from the lovely star:

On Britta's Strengths and Weaknesses
Jacobs felt Britta's strongest moment was in the famed paintball episode of season 1, when she was "pretty kick ass" and nearly won the destructive, campus-wide competition. She also touched on Britta's weaker side which comes through when she "Britta-s" (a verb meant to horribly mess up) a situation, which is a great source of teasing from the others (but "I think at the end of the day the characters love each other and Britta does bring something to the group.") In terms of her character's biggest struggles, Jacobs said, "Britta is stubborn and wants to be liked and admired. I think that gets in her way sometimes."

On Britta's Romantic Future
While Britta has hooked up with Jeff and shared a not-so-innocent kiss with Troy, Jacobs confesses she has "no idea what the writers have in store. Truly anything could happen on this show. Britta could end up with Professor Ian Duncan!" (Please, no.) Jacobs did say we can expect some more "Britta/Troy hugs."

britta and troy.JPGOn Stars Stopping By
"Giancarlo is AWESOME," gushes Jacobs (Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad fame is set to guest star later this season). When asked about any references to the AMC drama in his episodes, she said "not sure, but the writers [on Community] LOVE Breaking Bad." Also, Nathan Fillion from Castle "drops by" the set whenever Castle is shooting at Paramount nearby. According to Jacobs, he is "very, very nice."

On What it's Like on Set
"We have five days to shoot each episode," and "12 hours is the shortest day we have," shares Jacobs. In addition, the women have to arrive at 5:30am every Monday. Yet the cast manages to fill some of those long hours with absurdity - Jacobs describes it as "very, very silly" and "LOUD, everyone is talking and singing and doing bits at the same time." When asked about creator Dan Harmon's incredibly wordy, fast-paced lines, Jacobs admits they all mess up (even Danny Pudi, who plays Abed - "I don't know how he does it"), but that there is "no shame" as they are "so complicated."

On Her Obsession with Torg
At several points in the chat, Jacobs felt compelled to mention Torg, the troll that played a role in the "darkest timeline" in "Remedial Chaos Theory" (and has its own Twitter account). "I like any timeline that involves Torg," she said when asked about her favorite timeline. This continued when she was asked about the premise of a Community movie: "I think Torg the evil troll puts a curse on us and we have to lift the curse." Lastly, her one word response to what item she would steal from set: "TORG!"

On Any Similarities with Britta
Although Britta has some heavy hippie tendencies, Jacobs say she herself is "not a super hippie." She also would like to state for the record that while she is "not a great singer," she's not as bad as Britta (whose lack of skills was displayed in this season's Glee-spoof). But they are similar in their radio tastes ("[we] both listen to a lot of NPR"), and when it comes to literature, Jacobs' favorite book is Pale Fire by Nabokov, and her guess for Britta is Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

On What's Next for Jacobs
"I would LOOOVE to keep doing comedy stage shows," exclaims Jacobs. Doing improv "scares the crap" out of her, so she naturally wants to do more of it. When asked about what show she would want to guest star on, she replied Portlandia (which sounds like a perfect fit) and she mentioned she's in a bunch of movies coming out soon, including Revenge for Jolly, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

On the Future of Community
In terms of this season, "there is some paintball but not a full paintball episode." Jacobs also reveals there is a "two part" episode that starts in one week that she believes fans will particularly enjoy. Looking beyond, Jacobs admits George Clooney would be her dream guest star ("Jim Rash can make that happen, right?") She would also like to see Community do a spoof of a daytime soap like Days of Our Lives or General Hospital. And in terms of pairings, she would love to do an episode with Jim Rash, because "the Dean really hates Britta!"

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