BuddyTV High Five: 'Community' Episode 2.22, 'Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts'
BuddyTV High Five: 'Community' Episode 2.22, 'Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Community, "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts."

High Five Highlights:

1. Shirley gives birth during the Anthropology final! The mystery of her baby's paternity is finally resolved!

2. We learned some fun facts about Chang babies: they are better at getting nutrients and come out faster, they like both sauces (alcohol and duck), they survive despite being born under the worst conditions imaginable and -- perhaps most importantly -- they are all born with tails. The baby is Andre's. Sorry, Chang lovers.

3. The show finally acknowledged the secret Abed storyline in "The Psychology of Letting Go," where he delivered a baby in the background of the episode. It was a throw-away line, but a great pay-off for those of us who had been paying attention earlier in the season.

4. Pierce paid Abed and Troy to teach him their secret handshake. And then, because he is Pierce, he ruined it for them by making it uncool. Thankfully, the boys manage to overcome it and found their magic again. I would hate to see that handshake go away.

5. When the Dean suddenly appears in Anthropology class, Professor Duncan fabricates on the spot what sounds like the most epic final ever made. (It even has a performance portion!) The only thing better than hearing Professor Duncan improvise was watching him flee the scene with the excuse that he left this final in his office.


- Are Jeff and Britta on again? Or off again? I lose track.

- Where the heck has Starburns been this whole season?

The Last Word:

It was nice to finally see some closure about the identity of the father of Shirley's baby. Having it be Andre felt inevitable -- the show does not seem cruel enough to actually stick Shirley with Chang's kid -- but it was nice to see Chang come through in the end, even though he did not get to be a dad. And though Britta's inevitable humbling seemed a little redundant (doesn't something like this happen to her every week? Is she ever right about anything?) it was great to see the whole gang rally around Shirley's baby.

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