'The Celebrity Apprentice': Arsenio and Clay Talk Finale and Their Rivals
 'The Celebrity Apprentice': Arsenio and Clay Talk Finale and Their Rivals
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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It's nearly time for The Celebrity Apprentice finale and the two finalists Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall sat down with Entertainment Weekly's InsideTV to record a podcast, where they mainly discussed their fellow competitors - Dayana, Penn, Lisa and, of course, Aubrey O'Day. Though neither one knows who will win (the finale revealing the winner will be live), it seems the two have such strong friendship, they were more interested in discussing their experiences on the show than undermining their competition. Read on for some highlights and then watch the video preview for the finale on Sunday, May 20 at 9pm on NBC.

The Drama of Aubrey O'Day
Everyone knows Arsenio and Aubrey had many clashes on the show and when her charity Glisten (which does great work against bullying) was mentioned, Arsenio questioned Aubrey's representation on the show. In her defense, though, Clay said while he would say one or two salacious things a week, Aubrey would "give them a lot of choices and see which one they picked - and they chose them all." Ultimately, Clay felt this made Aubrey come across "as being a lot meaner than I think she wanted to be."

Of course, Arsenio continued his argument on Aubrey when he brought up the Buick task and how the pop singer "fabricated a story about her family dying in a competitor's car." Arsenio felt this was over the line and called her "a piece of work" and "a very unusual person" (which, admittedly, is nicer than other words he's used on the show before). Clay ultimately conceded that while Aubrey was "the most creative person" and "one of the smartest people on the show," she was so unlikable and "nobody wanted to work with her." This fact, Clay purports, is Aubrey's downfall because in the world of business, you have to be likable. "Aubrey is a great weapon for some CEO, but she's not the CEO," said Clay. Arsenio also pointed out the fact that until some of Team Unanimous (the men's team) started helping her, Aubrey wasn't winning tasks.

The Final Task
Part of their final task was to throw a party, and both Clay and Arsenio seem to think they have a good chance of winning. Clay put it bluntly: "I think you'll see that this week, I think we won." Arsenio countered with, "Who gives a better party on the east coast than housewife Teresa?" Clay said this was fair, but also pointed out the other task this season involving a party was the task he won as project manager. Then Arsenio countered that the loser of that task, Aubrey, was in charge of Clay's party in the finale. But despite the back-and-forth, the discussion was lighthearted as it's clear these two have mutual respect for one another and a strong friendship (Arsenio even started off the podcast with saying, "I've learned so much from [Clay] about society and life.") -- whoever wins, it seems there won't be too much animosity in this finale (but we'll see).

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