'Chuck vs. the Hack Off' Recap: Top 5 Moments
'Chuck vs. the Hack Off' Recap: Top 5 Moments
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We had to go two whole weeks without a new episode of Chuck. It really made the end feel near, especially for me as I was able to visit the Chuck set this week as they wrapped up filming. (You will read more on that in the coming weeks.)  It's real, folks, and it's coming quickly -- the end of the series. Can you believe we are already five episodes in now? Thankfully, this week we had the incredible Zachary Levi at the helm directing "Chuck vs. the Hack Off,' which brought the smiles back on our sad little faces.

In honor of Zac and his greatest job directing yet, I give you my top 5 moments in "Chuck vs. The Hack Off":

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

This episode deals a lot with relationships: Morgan/Casey, Casey/Gertrude, Casey/Lester, Jeff/Lester, and Lester/the inmates of the San Gabriel County Jail. In the beginning of the episode we see Casey and Lester in jail together, and Casey uses all of his willpower not to grind Lester into dust. His spirits were definitely lifted when Gertrude pays Casey an unannounced visit, reminding him (and then helping him take advantage) of his right of a conjugal visit.

Casey's connection with Lester proves to pay off when Lester saves Casey from a gang of unscrupulous fellows by threatening to "pull their plugs." Of course this is Lester we are talking about, so by that he meant their literal plugs: he had smuggled in wiring to set up WiFi for the inmates, which made him king of his cell block.

Morgan helped Jeff hatch a plan that was able to help repair that friendship, and Jeff told him it was time to work on repairing one of his own, with Casey. Morgan did this by going undercover with Gertrude and helping Casey get out of jail. 

Welcome to the No Pants Party

I doubt you'll find many fans complaining about the nudity scene. Both Chuck and Sarah had to ditch their threads to go ... undercover? To get to the microchip they needed to ultimately help free Casey.

First up? Naked yoga. Since this is NBC and not HBO, there were an abundance of blur boxes used and then eventually robes, but I think the fans could still appreciate the sentiment. It also made for a hilarious scene with Chuck, Sarah and Gertrude, who was watching the action through the scope of a sniper rifle several yards away.  

Chuck, a.k.a. Barracuda? 

There have been countless episodes in seasons past (i.e., all of them?) where we see Sarah and Casey do what they do best. They are totally in their element and it's clear that it is what they do best. We rarely get to see Chuck in that same light. There have been some episodes here and there, and there are times we have seen Chuck kick a lot of ass, but I don't think we have seen an intersect-free Chuck quite like we did when he was in hacker mode down in castle.

With his chardonnay in hand, he merges onto the information superhighway and takes off like a jet. We see him in for the first time in a situation he has never been put in before on the show, and he rocks it. This is the first time Sarah is seeing this part of him too, and she likes it. So do we.


Oh man. I love a good cameo. Community star Danny Pudi put on a Nerd Herd uniform for this episode and stepped in to help Jeff and Morgan with their plan to get Lester to promise he would never poison Jeff again by acting as the "replacement" Lester. He is Lester 2.0 -- the Lester that Lester wants to be. 

What Lester doesn't know is this replacement of his is just an actor hired by Jeff and Morgan to teach him a lesson about poisoning people. I'd have to say this is one Chuck's best cameos to date -- but then, oh wait, it's almost immediately topped again by seeing another Community star, the beautiful Yvette Nicole Brown, as a green shirt! My mind at this point has melted from all of the awesome. Let's move on.

Boom Goes The Decker

Oh, the things women will do for love. When the two-timing Decker revealed to Chuck and Sarah that he was just using them to get the virus so that he could use it against them, I wasn't shocked. I knew the other shoe had to drop, but when he also said Casey was not only going to stay in prison but was as good as dead while there, well ... that's just going to far.

What is it they say about hell hath no fury? Tsk, tsk, Decker, you have scored Gertrude and she has fewer problems with stealing back the microchip in your coat pocket and replacing it with a bomb than Chuck or Sarah would. Before I could say "whoa," Decker and possibly a few poor lackeys behind him went BOOM. To that I say, "Yay!"

This episode was incredible and Zachary Levi did an amazing job directing. I hope you all can appreciate how good and geektastic this episode really was and not just remember the super spoilery promo that NBC aired after the episode. What were some of your favorite moments? What will you miss most when Chuck is over? Sound off in the comments!
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