NBC's Fall Lineup: 'Chuck' is Back, No 'Heroes', Plus 7 New Shows
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After a midseason kickoff last season, Chuck is back on NBC's fall calendar, prematurely leaked by The Hollywood Reporter. Chuck returns to its old Monday 8pm slot, followed by two rookies: global-conspiracy-theory drama The Event and another action drama, this time about a team of US Marshalls who track down fugitives, Chase.

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Wednesday, meanwhile, is Law and Order night, featuring the spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles at 10, while J.J. Abrams drama Undercovers and Law & Order: SVU open the night. Mercy and Trauma, as well as former NBC flagship Heroes, are nowhere in sight, although network execs are reportedly in talks to give both Heroes and Law & Order "special event" or two-hour finale send-offs next fall.

Thursday night has a minor shakeup, with the old Community-30 Rock-The Office block opening the peacock's comedy night festivities, followed by two rookies, Indian call center-themed Outsourced and Becki Newton's hour-long romantic-comedy anthology Love Bites, slated at 10pm.

Friday will see Outlaw, a drama about a Supreme Court justice who resigns from the bench to open his own firm, paired with Who Do You Think You Are and Dateline.

Here is NBC's fall schedule:

8 p.m. Chuck
9 p.m. The Event
10 p.m. Chase

8-10 p.m. Biggest Loser
10 p.m. Parenthood

8 p.m. Undercovers
9 p.m. Law & Order: SVU
10 p.m. Law & Order: Los Angeles

8 p.m. Community
8:30 p.m. 30 Rock
9 p.m. The Office
9:30 p.m. Outsourced
10 p.m. Love Bites

8 p.m. Who Do You Think You Are/School Pride
9 p.m. Dateline
10 p.m. Outlaw

Other greenlit series that appear to be pushed to midseason are romcom Perfect Couples, Kathy Bates-led drama Harry's Law, another comedy Friends With Benefits and The Cape, where good cop Vince Faraday is framed, chased and left for dead. Parks and Recreation has also been moved to midseason, potentially to put in place of Outsourced if it doesn't fly.

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