Live from Comic-Con: Season 2 of 'Chuck' to Feature Big Guest Stars and Plenty of Romance
Live from Comic-Con: Season 2 of 'Chuck' to Feature Big Guest Stars and Plenty of Romance
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creator Josh Schwartz promises that his show won't turn into The Love Boat, no matter how many big name guest stars sign up for the series.  Schwartz unveiled a collection of clips from the show's second season at today's Comic-Con panel, and the montage contained a lot of familiar faces.  Tony Hale (Arrested Development) will appear in season 2 as the new assistant manager of the Buy More, while The O.C.'s Melinda Clarke will play a sexy she-devil.  In addition, John Larroquette will show up as a former spy, Michael Clarke Duncan will hang Chuck out a window, Jordana Brewster will play a girl who once broke Chuck's heart, and Nicole Richie will stop by to get in a wet and wild shower fight with Sarah.

Even with all those stars, there will still be plenty of big developments for the main characters.  Schwartz appeared alongside cast members Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin and Joshua Gomez to deliver all the season 2 scoop.

The major focus of the panel was the budding romance between Chuck and Sarah.  Schwartz promised that the love story would move to the forefront in the new season, and the clips he revealed featured two hot and heavy kisses for the couple.  In addition to those make out sessions, moderator Kristin Dos Santos from E!Online said that a same-sex kiss is coming up on the show.  Could it be between Sarah and Ellie?  Or maybe Chuck and Captain Awesome?

The same-sex smooch probably won't be between Chuck and Morgan, as Levi revealed that their bromance will be strained for awhile due to his character's spy duties.  However, Morgan will keep himself busy by organizing a Thunderdome-style contest at the Buy More to crown a new assistant manager, which is a position that will eventually be taken over by Hale's smarmy character.  Viewers should also be happy to learn that the Nerd Herd members will be upgraded to series regulars in season 2.

After revealing that "something catastrophic happens at the end of the first episode" to kick off a new story arc, Schwartz went on to discuss what Chuck will face in upcoming episodes.  When it's revealed that the Intersect is being rebuilt, Chuck realizes that he could go on to lead a normal life.  The government obviously doesn't want a guy who knows all their secrets wandering the streets, so Casey is recruited to take him out.  Baldwin wouldn't comment on whether his character has a softer side, but surely Chuck will survive the ordeal.

When Levi wasn't busy cracking the room up by imitating Strahovski's Australian accent, other tidbits about season 2 were revealed.  Viewers will meet Captain Awesome's family as he and Ellie move closer to getting married, and Bryce Larkin will make a return appearance at some point.  Schwartz also mentioned that Big Mike may be hooking up with Morgan's mom, which was certainly shocking news to Gomez.  It's possible Schwartz was joking, but viewers will have to wait and see.

Chuck returns to NBC on September 29.  According to Schwartz, the season 2 premiere will be a perfect jumping on point for those who have never seen the show.

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