'Chuck vs. The Kept Man' Recap: Top 5 Deceptive Moments
'Chuck vs. The Kept Man' Recap: Top 5 Deceptive Moments
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With just four new episodes of Chuck left, I was hoping for a little more out of "Chuck vs. the Kept Man." There were definitely golden moments, though. Sarah's reaction to walking in on Casey and Gertrude was possibly one of the funniest subtle moments we've seen from Sarah. I also loved the cliffhanger at the end, but like Casey, I felt like the mission this week felt ... well, weak. I noticed a running theme throughout the episode: things that aren't what the seem. Instead of doing five favorite moments, I am going to run down all of the things that weren't what they seemed.

No Booze or Jacuz for Sarah

Two weeks ago Shaw planted a little seed in our minds about Sarah and a baby. After seeing "Chuck vs. The Baby" last week our minds were eased that Sarah is not wife, spy and mom, but it seems that the roller coaster ride isn't over yet. 

Sarah had been dropping major hints that she could be with child, and despite standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, those hints were going well over Chuck's head. Thankfully we weren't left with that carrot dangling in front of our noses for the whole episode, and found out that despite what it seems, Sarah is in fact not pregnant ... yet.

A Job? Or Fun in the Sun?

Gertrude said "I get what I want" and she really meant it. So when Casey turned down her offer to take off to Miami's South Beach she had to find another way to get what she wanted, which meant hiring Carmichael Industries to assist her in an arms deal in Miami.

What seemed to be a job turned more into just a vacation with a couple of hours carved out for a business meeting with the arms dealer. Casey felt stiffed. So did I, to be honest. Thankfully, this episode made up for it in the end when Casey got to rush in and play hero to save Gertrude from the bad guys. All that talk about caring made me think that Casey had a softer side, and I'm not just talking about the cashmere sweater Gertrude gave to him.

The Spy More Cover Compromised?

With Jeff regaining use of his brain cells, things get interesting in the Nerd Herd pit. With Lester by his side Jeff decides it is up to them to figure out what is going on. His deductive skills are spot on as he uncovers his conspiracy board which has basically more or less laid out the past five seasons.

He figured out the government agencies involved, Casey and Sarah, Chuck being an asset. He even had the intersect mapped out. I can't imagine how General Beckman would react to finding out that those two were able to figure everything out. Well ... not everything.

Double O Awesome

Thankfully Morgan was able to find out what Jeff and Lester were up to and had the smarts to throw them off the trail. They needed a missing piece and Morgan gave it to them, and it was such a brilliant choice of decoy that the duo never questioned it: Captain Awesome. Of course Awesome would be the obvious choice for secret spy, and it was easy for Morgan to talk him into going along with it. Seeing Awesome doing his James Bond thing would be in my top 5 moments this week, most definitely. He wasn't the only one to dress up for spy work this week ...

It's Oddly Comfortable Running In Heels

This week Sarah isn't the only one who does spy work in heels. Lester got in touch with his feminine side as he dressed up as a lady to do some undercover work while following Awesome as he did his James Bond thing. He was more than comfortable doing it and even Jeff could not keep his hands off of him.

That spy work led them back to the Buy More where they found Agent Awesome in an underground room working out. Awesome fed them a story about doing some "less than legal" work out activities, and the story was bought until Jeff discovered the wet paint on the fake wall dividing Awesome's work-out space and castle.

The episode ended with Jeff punching a hole through the wall and discovering Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan and all of castle. Morgan does what he must and shoots both Jeff and Lester with tranquilizer darts. OK, so sometimes things are what they seem.

This episode was light and fun and under normal circumstances would be a great episode, but with just a small handful of episodes left I really hope that the next three weeks bring out the big guns. Time is precious and I hope the next two episodes leading to the finale night are not wasted. What did you think of "Chuck vs. The Kept Man"? Can Chuck and Sarah remain spies and have a family? Sound off in the comments!

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