'Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips' Recap: Top 5 Moments
'Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips' Recap: Top 5 Moments
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Remember last week when I said "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" was going to bring you back on board with one hell of a great episode? Did I lie? No, I did not. What last week lacked in memorable moments with the Spy More crew this week more than made up for. Without further ado I give you the Top 5 Moments from this episode of Chuck, titled "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" (in no particular order):

Mission: Be Awkward? (Success!)

The episode starts with Casey and Sarah in the middle of a mission. Are they trying to locate an undercover arms dealer before he can pass off supplies to the Russian mafia? Maybe it's -- oh ... it's Casey, needing the assistance of Sarah along with a van full of spy equipment to "happen" to "run into" enemy/love interest Gertrude Verbanski.

Casey used that opportune moment of successfully running into her by being awkward, and then ultimately placing a video surveillance bug her. It was that bug that helped the team learn of Morgan's betrayal. 

Awesome Does Another Thing ... Well, Awesome

With Ellie returning to work, it is up to new stay-at-home dad Awesome to take care of Clara. There was a montage showing Awesome and Clara doing various things around the house, but I couldn't tell you what they were because I was too busy trying to decide who would win the cuteness award: Awesome or baby Clara? Awesome looks like he is a great dad, which isn't too surprising; is there anything he isn't good at?

Well, perhaps it wasn't the best parenting when he picked Lester out of everybody in the Buy More to watch over little Clara as he checked on Jeff (who was working on his van ... indoors ... with the motor running). After a brief examination, Awesome's prescription for Jeff is to quit sleeping in his van. Which leads us to ...

Who Are You, and What Did You Do With Jeff?

With Jeff taking carbon monoxide poisoning out of his daily routine, he is reborn into a clean, polite, well-spoken man who apparently is a sucker for quinoa salads and safety in the workplace. With Morgan as the Intersect, Casey as a lovesick puppy, Jeff as model employee, and Awesome as stay-at-home dad, it seems just about everybody this season is getting a personality transplant.

I think this part of the episode was great, but I love the old Jeff, so while it was a shock and deserves to be in my top 5 moments of the episode, I sure hope Jeff goes back to sleeping in the van soon. 

Chuck Goes For the Pants

First, can I just say how much I love that Chuck was able to hold his own pretty well when physically fighting Morgan? Even without the Intersect, Chuck has grown into his own. This scene was probably the pinnacle scene for me. It offered a lot, and also executed that perfect nod to the Matrix moment that I think we were all expecting at some point -- Morgan dodging the tranq darts as they whiz by in slow motion.

Sure, it was cool but it also meant that Chuck, Casey and Sarah weren't going to be able to just walk out with the zip drive so easily. They still had to go through Morgan. It took a pantsing (courtesy of Chuck) and a tranquilizer dart to the butt (courtesy of Sarah). Now that's what I call teamwork.

Girl Fight!

Pan Am should take notes. I'm sure if they had scenes like this in their show they would have better ratings: Sarah and Gertrude both clad in classic stewardess outfits in a gloves-off, no-holds-barred, all out fist fight. This scene was the other thing I was looking for when I heard that Carrie-Anne Moss would be on the show. 

This episode was leaps and bounds better than "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit," and I feel like things are on the up and up. It was hard for me to pick just five good moments from this episode. Help me out. What did I miss? What were your favorite moments? Sound off in the comments!

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