'Chuck vs. Bo' Recap: Top 5 Unexpected Moments
'Chuck vs. Bo' Recap: Top 5 Unexpected Moments
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
"Chuck vs. Bo" was so packed it almost felt like two episodes. For Jeff and Lester it likely felt like the same episode over and over. Who doesn't love a good Adam Baldwin ad-lib? (Casey's "I hate Twitter" line was all his own.)  What about that twist at the end? That was a secret I knew about but had to hold onto for quite some time. Now I get to freak out with the rest of you. Despite knowing what the big secret was, I didn't know how it would play out. There were quite a few unexpected delights throughout the whole episode, so tonight I will give you my Top 5 Unexpected Moments from "Chuck vs. Bo":

All of the Funny

"Chuck vs. Bo" had me laughing so much I forgot in two short weeks the very same show is going to be breaking my heart. I feel like I'm being buttered up a bit, but I don't mind. Every single person on the show had a moment of perfect comedic timing, including beloved Buy More employee Fernando (played by the wonderful Jesse Heiman). 

There were also moments that included a morning coffee moment with Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey, Sarah having her fun in teasing Chuck about his childhood crush on Bo Derek, an awkward moment between Morgan, Alex and her old flame (which was rekindled just once during the break-up), an entire scene with the eerily familiar crew of the Vail Buy More, and of course old favorites Jeff, Lester and Big Mike peppered the episode with some laughs.

Chuck always has great moments, but some of his more subtle stuff tonight really showed off Zachary Levi's perfect comedic timing. All the laughter made me momentarily forget just how much sobbing will commence in just two more weeks.

Bo Knows ... Morgan?

This show has had some pretty epic guest stars, and even some who have played themselves, but there is a reason why Bo Derek was climbing the Twitter Trends charts tonight. Playing not only herself but also a spy who was wooed by the obnoxiously over-confident Morgansect, Bo Derek fit right into the spy world.

It brings me joy to know that Morgan will forever have a "Don't Trust Bo Derek" tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip. While we didn't get to have Bo Derek through the entire episode, she proved useful in helping the crew retrace Morgan's steps to find the faulty intersect glasses.

Return of the Frosted Tips

I had my suspicions at the beginning of the season that the frosted tips would return (which was confirmed to a degree by show runner Chris Fedak). I am glad that it was just the tips and not the whole douchey package. I think this time around the show did a better job at showing off the d-bag side of Morgan than the earlier episodes did. I can only hope there is footage on the cutting room floor of Morgan singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" un-ironically with a bar full of people ready for the DVD extras.

Jeff -- the Veronica Mars of the Buy More?

This new and improved Jeff is really redefining the word "improved." Despite being drugged multiple times with Casey's short term memory eraser gas, Jeff always managed to outsmart Casey, even taking Memento-like measures as if to anticipate being thwarted off course. His deduction skills were right on in the last episode, and he continued to hone in those skills. 

Being able to outsmart Casey is a rare event, but to do so multiple times shows Jeff's potential and I hope even after Carmichael Industries transitions into a counter cyber-terrorism firm, there will be a place for Jeff ... if they ever let him in on the secret.


Perhaps it's because Sarah said those fateful words ("One last mission") but the last few moments revealed the big twist that is likely to take us all the way through the finale. Chuck is in danger and we know Sarah is willing to do anything to save him and this time it is to upload a knowingly faulty intersect. I suppose this answers one burning question: Yes, apparently Sarah can be more bad-ass. So now another question stands: Can she rescue Chuck and get the intersect out of her head before it begins eating away all of her memories?

I am torn between wanting to see how it ends and hoping it goes on forever. This has been such an incredible journey and despite there being three episodes left, it ends in just two more weeks as the finale is a two-hour event. Have you RSVP'd to our Chuck vs The Fans Series Finale Viewing Party yet? If not, head over right now, and don't forget to invite your friends.

No matter where you are, if you are going to watch the finale, why not do it with all of the other Chuck fans worldwide? RSVP, invite your friends then keep on the lookout for a BIG announcement we will be making next week. Trust me, you WON'T want to miss this!