'Chuck' News: 'Lost' and 'Smallville' Alums to Guest Star
'Chuck' News: 'Lost' and 'Smallville' Alums to Guest Star
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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It's safe to say that the final episodes of Chuck may spend some time going in new directions. Chuck and Sarah are now newlyweds instead of star-crossed lovers. The fallout from season 4 has left the entire crew out of the CIA and making a go of it in the private sector. Oh, and Morgan gets to be the Intersect now.

While today's news incorporates a lot of those changes (especially in the types of missions Chuck & Co. will undertake), it still focuses on one of the greatest parts of Chuck: the guest stars.

Unlikely Brothers
Although you would never believe it to look at the actors, Jeff Fahey of Lost and Justin Hartley of Smallville have been cast as brothers in an upcoming episode of Chuck.

TVLine.com reports that the actors will enter Chuck's world when the younger brother (played by Hartley, of course) gets kidnapped. It would seem that the elder brother (Jeff Fahey) is a diamond-company executive by the name of Karl Sneijder. When his baby brother, Wesley (Justin Hartley), is kidnapped, Karl hires Chuck's Carmichael Industries to get Wesley back.

On Lost, Jeff Fahey played helicopter pilot Frank Lapidus in seasons 4 through 6 of the series. Justin Hartley, meanwhile, played Oliver Queen on Smallville, otherwise known as the Green Arrow. He first appeared on that series in season 6.

The two actors will appear in the second episode of season 5, "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit."

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Evil Hairstyling?
According to SpoilerTV, the third episode of Chuck season 5 will be called "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips."

The plot seems likely to revolve around an Internet hacker who gets into trouble, Wikileaks-style. Despite a joke made during the Chuck Comic-Con panel -- in which Chuck executive producer Chris Fedak joked that the Intersect would inspire Morgan to frost his tips, possibly as a sign of evil -- there is no indication that the tips in question belong to the new Intersect.

It's entirely possible that Morgan will still frost his tips (or his beard?). We can hope anyway.

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New episodes of Chuck begin airing on Friday, October 21 at 9pm on NBC.

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