'Chuck' News: Guest Stars, Guest Stars and More Guest Stars
'Chuck' News: Guest Stars, Guest Stars and More Guest Stars
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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It's not like we've been guest star-deprived thus far in the current season of Chuck. But that doesn't mean the show has run out of new faces to parade before us. Far from it, some of Chuck's biggest guest names have yet to come.

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First up in the line of announced guest stars, Robert Englund. That's right - Freddy Krueger himself will be appearing at the Buy More for the show's Halloween episode, "Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror." Englund will appear as a character called Wheelwright. Other than scaring Chuck (obviously), there is no word as to what Wheelwright will be doing. The episode is the sixth of the season and airs on Monday, October 25.

As previously reported here, Summer Glau will appear as one of the Buy More's many Gretas during the eighth episode of the season. We don't yet know exactly what Glau's incarnation of Greta will do during her Burbank stint, but we can certainly hope for a fair amount of ass-kicking action. If nothing else, how can Chuck avoid pairing Glau with John Casey, portrayed by her Firefly co-star, Adam Baldwin?

Rob Riggle, the Daily Show correspondent, will show up in episode 8 as well. Alas, Riggle will not play a Greta (two Gretas in one episode would be epic). He will, however, be a spy. Riggle's character, Jim Rye, shows up to improve Chuck's spy skills and has a reported demeanor that sounds suspiciously like that of an inspirational speaker.

In possibly the biggest casting news of the season (other than a certain Linda Hamilton, of course), Timothy Dalton will be joining the cast of Chuck for several shows, starting with the November 1 episode. Entertainment Weekly reports that Dalton will play a character with some sort of connection to Chuck's long-disappeared mother. He will not, unfortunately, play a James Bond-like character. That's OK- everyone prefers Sean Connery's Bond anyway.

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