'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Odd Couple
'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Odd Couple
Commenter cladylady was spot-on with her observation. We'll deal with tension, but viewers ultimately want our couples to be happy. However, I'll leave the Chuck and Sarah goodness from the latest episode, "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners", for another time because I must use this space to gush over the series' unlikeliest of duos, Casey and Morgan. Someone get these two a spin-off, stat! Or at least a series of webisodes to highlight their winsome buddy-cop dynamic.

Casey's anything but a softy, but he was the one who put in a good word with the General to make Morgan an official part of Team Bartowski. And although he was reluctant to consult with Morgan (aka the official Chuck Intersect) about Chuck's whereabouts, I think the Bearded One was quite useful. Who would have ever thought left behind eczema moisturizing cream and an affinity for the newest Justice League comic book would be the perfect way to track Chuck down?

That plane ride was hilarious, too. Side note: I don't know if any of you have had to sit near a crying baby during a flight, but it's not so fun. Anyhow, Casey's an old pro with his neck pillow and earphones, but I love that Morgan forces himself to stay awake to cheer the plane on. Interesting, yet totally wacky logic.

And the following exchange at the train station? Too funny.

Morgan: Every world traveler knows that he should own a sturdy rucksack.
Casey: What's with the stupid maple leaf patch?
Morgan: Every American also knows to act Canadian as to be well liked.
Casey: That's a cliche.

Finally, in the cafe, M. Grimes (for security's sake, he can't disclose what the M stands for) uses the facts he learned in his handy little travel book to call out the fake Interpol agent's mix-up about palaces and boat festivals. It was a nice catch that ultimately lead to Arnaldo's safety and some props from the General by way of Casey's mention of Morgan's resourcefulness.

So I'm happy for Chuck and Sarah, but I'm also glad to see that Morgan's fitting into the team quite nicely -- however unorthodox his methods. Plus, if next week's promo is any indication, we can look forward to more Casey and Morgan shenanigans to come!

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-Kaye David, BuddyTV Fan Columnist