'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Circle of Trust
'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Circle of Trust
Rachel and Monica. SpongeBob and Patrick. Chuck and Morgan. In short, fictional BFFs that stick together through it all. But of the latter? Well, things haven't been so rosy. They've known each other for 22 years through their eternal awkward phases, but Morgan doesn't know what's going on with Chuck lately. He wants the truth and nothing but. Chuck can't come up with anything to say so Morgan does what anyone would do in this situation. He fires Chuck as his best friend.

It's just not a good time for Chuck. He's sans girlfriend, his lack of flashtitude (flashing + aptitude) causes Shaw to bench him indefinitely, and now he's best friendless. What's a guy to do?

When a mission sends Casey and faux newlyweds Sarah and Shaw to the Malibu Vista Hotel to investigate a CIA spy that interests the Ring, Chuck's left alone to man the Buy More headquarters. However, little does the team know that the Ring has set them up by falsely purporting Devon (there with Ellie on a much needed vacation to alleviate the stresses of lying about Chuck's secret life) as the spy in question in order to lure them away from Castle.

The Ring cronies, posing as some suits interested in buying the Buy More, come into the store to reevaluate the staff to see who's essential to the company. Naturally, people are concerned about their jobs, but with a few calculated interviews, the Ring gets what it needs - information, namely Chuck's best friendship with Morgan, to get Chuck to reveal the whereabouts of the CIA's files.

When the Ring finally figures out a way into Castle through the secret tunnel hidden behind the break room lockers, Morgan instinctively follows, tiptoeing through the labyrinth of tunnels and crawling on his belly to hear the Ring agents talk of breaching the CIA mainframe and destroying everything inside.

Armed with this goldmine of information, Morgan spills about everything he overheard to Chuck who must feign surprise about the not-so-secret CIA lair beneath the Buy More. Morgan pleads with Chuck to believe his story and to take charge against the bad guys. They're America's last hope, gosh darn it! Chuck tries to warn him that this isn't a video game, but Morgan wants to prove that he's more than the loser everyone makes him out to be. Unfortunately, two carving knives don't hold up well against two guns, and Chuck and Morgan are taken captive.

The baddies question Chuck concerning the whereabouts of Shaw's missing files, but he doesn't budge. They threaten to torture Morgan for more information, but Morgan goes on a lovely spiel about how he and Chuck have been friends, nay brothers, since the age of six. He of all people would know if Chuck were really a spy or this so-called Agent Carmichael fellow.

With a razor to Morgan's half-beard, Chuck yells for the Ring baddie to stop, and with that the truth about Chuck's spying comes gushing out. Understandably, Morgan's shocked, but he comes to realize that this is the best news that he has ever heard. They haven't grown apart so much as Chuck has been busy saving the world. Of course, Chuck is rehired as Morgan's best friend immediately. Morgan has a million questions, and Chuck reveals the whole truth starting with the email he received from Bryce Larkin two and a half years ago.

With story time complete, Morgan gets down to the business of Chuck and Sarah. Repeating what everyone already knows, Morgan insists that Chuck clearly loves Sarah. Yes, he LOVES Sarah! Saying it aloud is all it takes to unblock Chuck's frustrations about keeping secrets and not feeling what he really feels. And just like that, the Intersect is back in action. With a little help from Morgan, they escape from the Ring's clutches unharmed.

With a wink for Sarah, ahem, Agent Walker, Morgan inspires looks of confusion amongst the team. Another person in on Chuck's secret? But Chuck insists that Morgan doesn't belong in witness protection. Morgan has his faults, but he is loyal and would never betray Chuck or his secret. Sarah backs up his claim, and Shaw lets Morgan out to play Duck Hunt and eat Subway sandwiches (meatball marinara with jalapeños, to be exact) with his bestie for life.

More questions to ponder: Will the increasingly panicky Devon be able to convince Ellie to leave Burbank for Africa? Who is on the other end of Casey's mysterious phone call? What hilarious attempt at reenactment (Braveheart, Iwo Jima flag raising, kissing sailor during V-J day) was your favorite? And what is your go-to sandwich at Subway? Sound off below.

PS. My favorite is the Cold Cut Combo. Yum!

-Kaye David, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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