'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Odds and Ends
'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Odds and Ends
Last week's episode, "Chuck Versus the Other Guy", was chock full of goodness that I couldn't fit it all into my usual recap. So here are a few stray observations to ponder.

R.I.P. Shaw: 

Love Brandon Routh (hope to see him on-screen again soon!), but I'm not totally sad that Shaw's out of the picture. If anything, his exit is one less obstacle for Chuck and Sarah getting together (and staying together). 

Further intriguing, however, was that even a professional (the General's description, not mine) like Shaw couldn't completely disengage from his emotions either. When Chuck pleaded with him not to take Sarah at the cafe, Shaw made a point to tell Chuck that he couldn't flash because his emotions get in the way. But ironically, it was Shaw that was so consumed with avenging his wife's death that he didn't even take into consideration why she was ordered to be shot by Sarah in the first place.

Conspiracy Theory: 

So was Eve Shaw's death warranted or not? Someone else must know the truth aside from Sarah's dearly departed old boss, Langston Graham. Was someone trying to mess with Shaw's mind or was Eve really a rogue CIA agent? Or both?

Level Up: 

Morgan is an official part of Team Bartowski! I'm so glad that Casey was nice enough to put in a good word with the General on behalf of our favorite bearded friend. I think his addition to the team will be quite interesting. I mean, he has no spy training. Heck, he doesn't even have an Intersect stuck in his brain. But he's definitely loyal, and he has an obsessive knowledge of kung-fu movies which could come in handy. How do you think Morgan will fit into the group?


My two favorite Chuck/Morgan moments of the episode? Morgan's claim to be Chuck's assistant (that made me think of The Office's Dwight Schrute and his infamous title of "Assistant to the Regional Manager") which elicited this quote from Morgan: "I could be your second in command slash personal assistant. Batman needs Alfred. Bond needs Q. Chuck, you need me."

And this exchange when Morgan finds Chuck drinking and gaming his troubles away ...

Morgan: "You are on the precipice of emotional ruin here."
Chuck: "I'm already over the edge."
Morgan: "No, you're not. Soon you're gonna be quoting liberally from the works of John Hughes."

Of course, once Morgan is tied up by various video game controller cords, Chuck muses about Sarah's departure and misquotes Pretty in Pink much to Morgan's chagrin (while "If You Leave" appropriately plays in the background).

More Laughs:

- The General's reference of Atlas Shrugged's length in regards to the stack of bills she has to pay because of Chuck's expensive tactical assault. Seriously, that book is long!

- Big Mike wanting Morgan to call him dad. Sweet with just a hint of creepy.

- Jeff and Lester's crew party in the Woodland Hills on Friday nights.

- Don't make fun of Colonel Sanders' name.

- Chuck enjoys sugar-free mint ice cream.

Not too long before new episodes begin again. Reminder: circle April 26 on your calendars! What do you hope will happen in the last six episodes of the season? Also, would you have been satisfied with this ending had NBC not ordered those additional six episodes?

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-Kaye David, BuddyTV Fan Columnist