'Chuck' Fan Columnist: It's a New Day
'Chuck' Fan Columnist: It's a New Day
Three weeks without Chuck, and how are we rewarded? With the mother of all Chuck and Sarah episodes! This is the one where they get to have their cake and eat it too. Finally, right? Read on...

Outside Paris, Chuck and Sarah (henceforth known as C&S for the sake of brevity) are finally on their train to happily ever after. Third time's the charm. They're getting cozy inside their compartment, ordering room service, and having sexy time. Everyone expects them to be back in Burbank already, but that's not the plan as they exchange vows to leave the spy life behind for good.

When they eventually leave their room, they discover armed men in the dining cart. Sarah preemptively grabs a butter knife, and Chuck flashes. However, they choose to ignore their spy senses.

Back in their room, Sarah can't believe they're out of the spy game. Chuck insists they're just regular people blending in. But after they kiss, they both immediately make random excuses to go investigate.

Sarah slips out into the hallway and into the man in question's room. She finds a notebook full of codes and dates along with a passport belonging to Juan Diego Arnaldo, a known terrorist. Moments later, Chuck finds himself heading to the same room. Hearing noises, Sarah darts into the bathroom as Chuck scours the scene. But the men are on their way back.

Because the bathroom's occupied, Chuck climbs out of the window. This is a moving train, y'all! That can't be safe. But luckily, he flashes and manages to swing into the open window of his room. At the same time, Sarah (adopting a Texan accent) feigns drunken anger in order to leave Arnaldo's room and arrives just in time to see Chuck settling back into bed. They kiss, but Sarah admits that she can't fake "this". Chuck takes that as an insult (his face=priceless), but of course, she means spotting the Basque terrorist onboard. Suddenly, their secretive spying turns into a chance for one last mission.

C&S plan to subdue and leave the men handcuffed at the next station for Interpol to intercept. Then, they can go on with their spy-free lives. However, with no spy gear, they must scrounge up supplies (charming the musician and injured French skier for handcuffs and sedatives, respectively) to help set their plan in motion.

Inside the dining car, Sarah makes a ruckus with Arnaldo and his men, "accidentally" spilling their drinks, and prompting Chuck to refresh their beverages with a little sedative mixed in.

With the task done, they contemplate what a great team they make until a familiar grunt reaches their ears. Casey (there with Morgan on the General's order to retrieve the AWOL couple) sits down, but doesn't believe a word they say about their supposed mission as he handcuffs them together. Simultaneously, Arnaldo runs off as his cohorts succumb to the sedative. C&S are forced to knock Casey out and give chase.

Ultimately, Arnaldo's caught (thanks to Morgan being in the right place at the right time), but there's bad news. The men they sedated were Interpol agents who were actually transferring Arnaldo to witness protection.

A few feet away, a woman refers to the neutralized Interpol agents on the phone. She wants to make sure Arnaldo and his new friends never talk. Uh oh.

Over the phone, the General scolds Chuck for their impromptu mission. She also says that Arnaldo will be picked up by another Interpol team, but they need to keep him alive in the meantime.

They bide their time at a cafe with heart-to-hearts between Chuck and Morgan and Casey and Sarah about their decisions to quit. C&S, more or less, say that they're doing it to make a life. They think quitting is what the other wants. Arnaldo, sitting in as each pair discusses, makes a fine point: why does it have to be a choice?

Casey, somewhat understanding of why the lovebirds want to fly the coop (pun!), gives them an out before the new Interpol team arrives. They say their goodbyes, leaving Morgan and Casey with Arnaldo.

Casey and Morgan meet the new Interpol agents, and thanks to Morgan's way of memorizing facts, he calls out the agent's misinformation about Lake Como, causing Casey to draw a gun. Boy, Morgan's turning out to be a surprisingly adept spy. Unfortunately, they're outgunned. Oh, Canada.

The crafty Canadian scarf-wearing woman from the train demands to know what Arnaldo has told Interpol. She says he should never have abandoned their team. Morgan and Casey are tied up, but fresh from escaping the angry Interpol agents they drugged earlier, C&S crash into the cafe via scooter. Chuck flashes, and they do their thing. While still handcuffed to each other! It's quite awesome.

With the baddies defeated, C&S sidebar. They realize they can tell Beckman the truth and have a shot at having it all. Cue more adorable vows, making out, and requisite funny faces by Casey.

Back in Burbank, the General wants an explanation for their little holiday. They both claim responsibility, and although the General doesn't want details, Sarah deftly states that her and Chuck are dating. Exclusively! Beckman cautions them that mixing personal and professional can be dangerous, but off the record, it's about damn time! Preach, General.

As C&S settle into bed, he plays a record of "Feeling Good" to start off Sarah's musical education. The lyrics capture the sentiment perfectly: "it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, and I'm feeling good".

Random Observations

  • Loved Chuck's caller ID picture of the General.
  • Morgan's way of figuring out Chuck's location (transitioning from a prescription for eczema moisturizing cream to a ticket to Zurich) was genius.
  • Morgan's rationale for staying awake on the airplane: "You see, in my head, the only way the plane remains aloft is if I'm rooting for it."
  • Who's scared to know where in the deep recesses of his trousers Morgan really keeps his secret money pouch?
  • Jeffster going acoustic with "Leaving on a Jet Plane" was awesome! As were the Steve Jobs-ian black turtlenecks.
  • Lester's musical innuendo: "Don't you know that it's not the size of the instrument that matters, but how much and how long and how often your mother catches you playing?"
  • Sweet goodbye between brother and sister. How will Ellie and Awesome fare in Africa?
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-Kaye David, BuddyTV Fan Columnist