'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Au Revoir, Shaw
'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Au Revoir, Shaw
Pardon the late recap, but better late than never, right? Besides, I didn't want to leave the Chuck fans hanging after such a crazy-good episode (especially in the midst of another hiatus). So let's get to it.

After discovering the circumstances of his wife's death, Shaw embarks on "mission" with Sarah to find the Ring's Director. 

Back the Buy More, Chuck worries for Sarah's safety now that Shaw knows the truth. He elicits Casey's help, and reluctantly, Casey offers a tactical support phone number.

Inside the warehouse, Sarah wonders why the Ring has surveillance of the worst day of her life, her Red Test. Shaw admits that it's also his worst day, and Sarah slowly realizes that she killed Shaw's wife. She freaks out, but he's strangely calm. They eventually hug to Chuck's dismay -- as he cancels air and tactical support (and the tank) like he's telling a waiter to cancel his order.

The General reprimands Chuck for ordering a full tactical assault. Shaw defends Chuck by saying he acted like a true spy by looking out for his partner and the Agency.

Shaw asks the General if she knows who ordered Sarah's Red Test. Apparently, the only man who knows, Langston Graham, took the secret to his grave. Worse yet, the General thinks they need to disband the team. Shaw disagrees because he and Sarah want the same thing: to capture the Director and take down the Ring.

Chuck doesn't seem to think Shaw is ready to go back into the field yet. He tries to tell the General as much, but she thinks Shaw's a consummate professional. And that Chuck isn't. So she decides to follow through with her previous plan: Sarah and Shaw will head to Washington. Chuck will stay in Burbank until she knows what to do with him.

Down in the Dumps

Fresh from quitting his job at the Buy More, Morgan finds Chuck drunk. "Are you mixing gaming with whiskey?" he asks. Morgan tries to take the bottle away, but Chuck gets the best of him as he ends up wrapped in various cords.

Sarah comes in to find Chuck in his drunken stupor. He admits that he thought he could save her from Shaw and that they were going to be together. Sarah says that Shaw is a good spy, but Chuck interrupts her to ask an all-important question: "Do you love me?"

She sighs. He asks if he's making a fool of himself. "Yes," she answers ... to the first question! They proceed to kiss, but before they can continue, they have one more mission: to infiltrate the Ring's headquarters.

Dirty Double-Crosser

Chuck and Sarah prepare to rappel down to the Director's private elevator. Chuck still isn't sure about Shaw's mental well-being, and if the sinister look on Shaw's face is any indication, Chuck might be on to something.

Inside the elevator, Sarah and Chuck apprehend the Director. They instruct him to have his assistant deliver the Cipher, the Ring's version of the Intersect. Denise, the assistant, utters a code word which prompts Sarah to pull her inside. Likewise for a snoopy maintenance man. It's an elevator party! But also a trap.

The two Ring agents draw guns as the elevator moves. The doors open to reveal more gun-toting agents. Thankfully, Shaw comes around and shoots everyone but the Director. He tells Sarah and Chuck to leave, and that he'll meet them back at Castle with the Cipher.

As Chuck and Sarah leave, they hear a gunshot. But inside the elevator, the previously shot agents rise, and the Director applauds Shaw's efforts.

Back at Castle, the General scolds Shaw for "eliminating the Director", but he claims that he did what he had to. As for the Cipher, they need to follow the trail to Paris.

Chuck's grounded by the General, but with help from Morgan (whose kung-fu movie knowledge comes in handy), they realize that Shaw's action sequence was faked ... meaning he's working for the Ring! Chuck again elicits Casey's assistance, and he eventually agrees to suit up and help.

French ... Toast

As Shaw and Sarah stroll through the streets of Paris, she feels off. That's because they're in the same location as her Red Test. Shaw states that he's not okay that she killed his wife as she starts feeling woozy and drops her gun.

They sit at a cafe as Shaw tells an immobilized Sarah his plan: he wants to kill her to let the CIA know that they betrayed the wrong man. The Director comes to take the technical data needed to complete the Cipher, and as he escapes, waiter-Chuck approaches Shaw from behind.

They have a scuffle, but Shaw ultimately overpowers Chuck. He drags Sarah away with a warning for Chuck not to follow.

Atop a bridge, Shaw assures Sarah that she won't feel a thing. Chuck appears to tell Shaw that it doesn't have to be like this. But before Shaw can shoot, Chuck pops three bullets into Shaw's chest sending him into the water.

All's Well that Ends Well

Casey uses the captured Ring Director as leverage to get fully reinstated (including his old rank and a new Crown Victoria) by the General. But he also does something nice for Morgan who's officially (if not reluctantly) invited by Beckman to join Team Bartowski.

In full view of the Eiffel Tower, Sarah thanks Chuck for saving her from Shaw as they kiss under the covers.

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-Kaye David, BuddyTV Fan Columnist