Chuck: BuddyTV Fall 2007 Preview
Chuck: BuddyTV Fall 2007 Preview
Premiere Date and Time: Monday, September 24, 8pm

Network: NBC

Time Slot Competition: Dancing with the Stars, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, Prison Break, Everybody Hates Chris and Aliens in America

Cast: Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, Natalie Martinez

Chuck is the new action-comedy (or, as some have put it, science fiction-action-dramedy) from O.C. creator Josh Schwartz.  Schwartz, with co-creator Chris Fedak, have made one of the most talked about new shows of the 2007 season, a humorous take on the secret agent genre.  Starring relative newcomer Zachary Levi (Less Than Perfect) as the eponymous Chuck Bartowski, Chuck follows a computer geek/whiz who receives an e-mail from an old friend that contains encoded government secrets.  Chuck, with government and spy secrets now floating around in his brain, goes from anonymous “Nerd Herd” employee at his local electronics store to an in-demand government target.

Chuck's best friend and fellow Nerd Herd-er Morgan Santos, played by Joshua Gomez (Without a Trace), is in for the ride.  Morgan also has an undying crush on Chuck's sister, Dr. Ellie Bartowski, played by Sarah Lancaster (What About Brian), who has taken it upon herself to steer little brother Chuck away from his nerdy ways.  Mostly, she wants him to get a date. 

Things get interesting when beautiful CIA Agent Sara Walker, played by Polish-Australian newcomer Yvonne Strahovski, is commissioned to “eliminate” the threat that is Chuck Bartowski.  Although she soon realizes that Chuck is a harmless pawn, NSA Agent Major John Casey, played by Adam Baldwin (Firefly), isn't so quick to let Chuck off the hook.  Conflict, as they say, ensues. 

Chuck has been universally lauded as one of the best new shows of the season.  Its reception from critics and audiences alike has been superb.  The pilot, directed by McG (Charlie's Angels), looks and feels more like a film than a TV show.  It's stylish action is reminiscent of McG's film work, which may or may not be a good thing, depending upon the viewer's sensibilities.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV
(Photo courtesy of NBC)