'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Big Losers Go It Alone
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Big Losers Go It Alone
There was a groundswell of support for Adrian in the wake of last week's episode of The Biggest Loser, but all that goodwill might have been eradicated with his behavior in tonight's first five minutes. He made it a point to tell Cassandra that he didn't have a part in voting off her grandma, which further infuriated his teammates. The situation devolved into more of the childish behavior we've all come to expect from the red team, but it was shocking to see how little Conda was involved in this round of squabbling.

Dolvett Takes a Dip

The challenge for this week finds Bob and Dolvett hoisted 12 feet into the air above a frigid pool beneath them. Their only solace is the strength of their teams. The stakes are especially high considering the losing team will not be able to train with their leader this week. After 40 minutes the red team starts to drop like flies, ironically causing Dolvett to drop into the water. The red team's fracturing is already well-established and left to their own devices for a week in the gym could prove to be their ultimate undoing.

A Tale of Two Teams

The black team basks in their time with Bob by enduring a grueling hike up the Los Angeles hillside. As a reward they get an opportunity to eat alongside their nutritionist and gain important lessons about some of the hidden caloric dangers of ordering at a restaurant. Meanwhile, the red team faces the harsh reality that Dolvett watched everything they did when left to their own devices. This gives birth to what he called "the Conda list," which was a checklist of all of Conda's whining for the week. However, Adrian is also on the receiving end of a lecture from Dolvett that essentially boils down to him needing to shut up and earn the respect he keeps saying he deserves. It's really starting to seem like Conda and Adrian deserve each other.

Weighing In

A couple weeks ago when the black team lost their gym privileges, I floated a theory that they would compensate for their disadvantage and win despite the hardship. They ultimately lost, so I entered this weigh-in armed with that knowledge and a deeper disdain for the red team than ever before and predicting their certain downfall. This prediction quickly proved shaky as each member of the red team seemed to put up a better number than the person before them. But buoyed by exceptional performances by Jeremy, Emily and Chism, the black team pulls out the win.

The red team is pressed into voting out another member, which figures to spell Adrian's demise in the game, especially given Conda's immunity for the week. It plays out just as expected as Adrian goes down swinging taking shots at everyone who voted for him. The red team held a stupid grudge against him for the fact he joined the house late, but none of them had any preordained birthright to be in the house either. If anything, Adrian and Daphne deserved to be there more than anyone. Unfortunately, Adrian did himself no favors trying to integrate himself on the team. He now has to pack up the ascots and head home.

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