'So You Think You Can Dance' Videos: Get Ready for the Season 9 Finale
'So You Think You Can Dance' Videos: Get Ready for the Season 9 Finale
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The So You Think You Can Dance season 9 finale is almost here. On Tuesday, September 18, we will learn who will be America's favorite dancers.

While we won't know the official results until that show, we can choose our own favorites by watching these videos featuring the finalists.

Will it be Chehon Wespi-Tschopp? Eliana Girard? Cyrus Spencer? Tiffany Maher? We have videos of them all to help you choose your favorite and to predict who might win over all of America.

First up, here is a general promo video for the So You Think You Can Dance season 9 finale.

Are you excited yet? That is obviously the point of this one.

We still, however, have to pick our own favorites by re-experiencing the Top 4 dances. First up, we have Chehon performing with all-star Allison Holker.

There are a few big reasons to love Chehon in this particular dance:

  • It's a dramatic, contemporary performance. Chehon always does his best work when the theme is dramatic like this.
  • There is a kiss at the end of the dance. We didn't get nearly enough kisses this season.
  • One hand! There has to be some recognition for a guy who can lift his partner over his head with a single hand!

But Chehon is not the only guy in contention for the title. We also have Cyrus. Check out his dance with all-star tWitch here:

What was good about Cyrus here?

  • How awesome was it to finally get Cyrus and tWitch together? It feels like we were waiting all season for that.
  • I can't help but like any dance that begins with broken glass.
  • With two guys on the stage doing the animation moves, it's crazy to realize just how much this style is a weird cross of dance and mime. In a good way.

Now we move on to the girls. Eliana's dance with Alex Wong is first.

  • I'm pretty sure that Eliana's legs were literally everywhere during this dance. Kind of like in a cartoon when a character has to start running really fast and there are dozens of legs whirling around.
  • This is an incredibly well-matched couple. They just look right together.
  • To call this dance emotional may be the understatement of the century.

Finally, we have Tiffany's dance with all-star Will:

  • I really, really like the way Tiffany lets herself get flung all over the stage. The whole dance seems to be something that should be performed in a field full of flowers.
  • I bet these two would be really, really good at Twister.
  • For someone who has been so easy to ignore all season, it's amazing how you can't take your eyes off of Tiffany when she dances.

The So You Think You Can Dance season 9 finale airs on Tuesday, September 18 at 8pm on FOX.

Which dancer was your favorite in the Top 4 performances? Who is your favorite overall? Who will win? Leave your comments below!

(Images and videos courtesy of FOX)

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