[Video] 'Chasing Life' Preview: A War Against Cancer
[Video] 'Chasing Life' Preview: A War Against Cancer
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The big "C" is usually a somber and emotionally draining matter that nobody really wants to dwell on but ABC Family is giving cancer a different treatment with its upcoming series Chasing Life. It's a drama peppered with comedy about a young woman who discovers she's living on borrowed time.

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Italia Ricci, best know for roles in Unnatural History, Secret Girlfriend and Aaron Stone, takes the lead in Chasing Life as April, a 24-year-old aspiring journalist trying to work her way to success at a Boston newspaper. April seems to have it all because aside from a promising career, she also has a rosy love life courtesy of her co-worker Dominic. That is, until she finds out that she has cancer.

The news of April's diagnosis is certainly devastating but she also appears to have a different outlook. Instead of getting down in the dumps, she's embracing life and trying to win against cancer. But how long can she keep this from her friends and family, including her widowed mom Sara, her little sister Brenna and her grandmother?

Get a sneak peek of ABC Family's Chasing Life:

Chasing Life also stars Mary Page Keller, Aisha Dee, Richard Brancatisano and Haley Ramm. 

Watch the series premiere of Chasing Life on Tuesday, June 10 at 9pm, following the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. 

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