'Sons of Anarchy' Confirms Joel McHale, An Explosive Season 5 Opening Scene and More at Comic-Con 2012
'Sons of Anarchy' Confirms Joel McHale, An Explosive Season 5 Opening Scene and More at Comic-Con 2012
Even though Sons of Anarchy has been renewed for season 6 little is known about season 5. We do know that the cast is growing with additions like Jimmy Smits, Harold Perrineau, Ashley Tisdale and Billy Brown.

Hopefully all that will change with one of Comic-Con's final panels, Sons of Anarchy.

Who's Here?
Charlie Hunnam (Jax)
Katey Segal (Gemma)
Ron Perlman (Clay)
Maggie Siff (Tara)
Kim Coates (Tig)
Mark Boone Junior (Bobby)
Tommy Flanagan (Chibs)
Theo Rossi (Juice)
Ryan Hurst (Opie)
Dayton Callie (Chief Wayne Unser)
Kurt Sutter (Creator)

Joel McHale
: Community star McHale has also been added to the cast for season 5. He'll play the role of Warren for a multi-episode arch.

An explosive opening scene: Comic-Con goers got to see a video clip of not only season 4 highlights but also the opening scene of season 5. Highlights from the clip are: Jax is leading the club down the road on his bike and writing in his journal. Clay is on oxygen. Tara enjoys a cigarette while taking a bath and a gun within reach. There was a sex scene that had to be edited out visually. Then things go boom! The SAMCRO haul gets taken off by Leroy and his boys. The truck flips, gunshots fly and the cargo nearly goes up in flames.

Ron Perlman on Clay:
Clay only knows how to be on top and does not take orders. So in the beginning of season 5 everything he has has been taken from him, except his life. He's lost the respect of his crew. Clay has to wonder why they kept him alive, knowing he's coming back because there is just no other way.

Gemma and Tara:
It's the push and pull of a mother/daughter relationship. Tara is trying to be her own person while Gemma feels threatened that she will be replaced. As far as next season goes, it won't be a linear arch bur rather episode-to-episode.

Charlie Hunnam on final scene:
It was probably his favorite to do, really fun to take the position of president. Jax and the club are moving to a new chapter. Perlman noted that Jax shouldn't get too comfortable in that chair. Next season as Jax is at the head of the table we will find out what kind of leader he will become and is it possible to not be Clay. If he's not Clay he may be perceived as weak. He'll be forced to make decisions and start empathizing with choices he once ridiculed Clay for. He's starting to feel empathy toward Clay, even if he'd still murder him.

Kim Coates on Tig:
Tig always kills the wrong girl. But in that scene it was him driving the car, no stunt double there. In season 5 he's "off his leash" and "a total wild card." His relationship with Clay is complicated and is team Jax. Tommy Flanagan also noted he is team Jax even though Clay saved him in Ireland and there is a lot of history there.

Ryan Hurst on Opie:
He can see why fans view Opie as a big softie. Maybe it's the hair? he joked. At the end of last season you could see a little Piney, becoming more stoic. Opie desires a normal family but struggles and that big heart of his keeps getting trampled. Teaser for next season is Sutter thought it was too simple for Opie to sit at the table in that final scene, even though he wanted to put him there so bad. He will be in the wind for a bit as the club needs to gain his respect back.

Theo Rossi on Juice: Rossi described the hanging scene as a "beautiful moment" for his character due to the self sacrifice. The secrets he was given last season is fascinating and will have impact in season 5. Juice will try to fit into this world and act like everything is ok but the shame inside is making it difficult.

Why Tara Stays:
Maggie Siff suggested that Tara and Jax were high school sweethearts and that trumps everything. It's impossible to walk away. It's where she comes from and her character is a bit of an orphan so this is the only family she has ever known.

Chief Wayne Unser gets the Jokes:
He had a lot of one liners this last season and Kurt Sutter said it's because after several seasons you learn what works and what's funny. And when it's coming out of Dayton Callie's mouth it's funny, even when it's not always supposed to be.

Buttocks: There will be more male ass is season 5.

Motorcycle riding: Perlman took the longest to ride, the entire cast agreed (and pointed). He just falls off and tips over. Perlman said it's an inner ear problem. David Labrava takes riding the most serious. Probably Hunnam too, he actually rode his bike down to Comic-Con.

Sons of Anarchy season 5 returns to FX on Tuesday September 11 at 10pm.

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