Celebrity Rap Superstar: K-Fed Ex Bashes Second K-Fed Ex with Triumphant Rap Original
Celebrity Rap Superstar:  K-Fed Ex Bashes Second K-Fed Ex with Triumphant Rap Original
Watch out Britney, Shar Jackson's star is on the rise - musically.  The first almost Mrs. Federline is poised to take the crown of Celebrity Rap Superstar against her tone-challenged albeit bootylicious co-finalist, Kendra Wilkinson.

Initially coming to prominence for her role as Niecy Jackson on Moesha, the 31 year old from Boston, Massachusetts has actually done some singing in the past, as part of the R&B group MPULZ.  Much like her former Celebrity Rap Superstar competitor, Perez Hilton, Shar Jackson isn't a fan of her ex's ex either.

Jackson is hands-down the better contestant between her and The Girls Next Door's Wilkinson, whose continued presence on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar may be due to her curvaceous assets more than any true rap/singing/musical prowess.  As she has displayed throughout the contest, which began August 30, Jackson delivered solid and strong performances with all three tunes she rendered last Thursday.  Her final number, in particular, was an entertaining original composition entitled “Let It Blow,” which contained a timely little snippet that poked fun at the woman who stole Kevin Federline from her three years ago.

Towards the end of one of “Let It Blow's” stanza's Jackson, with deadpan countenance and without missing a beat, rapped “They should have had me open up at the VMAs!" to the appreciative and rousing applause of her captive audience.

It's no secret that Jackson, who competes on Celebrity Rap Superstar as Shar J, is not exactly in Britney Spears' corner.  Back in 2004, Jackson unabashedly dubbed Spears a “home wrecker” for sinking her claws into Jackson's then boyfriend, K-Fed.

"It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship," Jackson had said at the time.  "It was like breaking up a family."

When the former pop princess began seeing Federline, he and Jackson had been together around four years.  Their daughter, Kori, now five, was then only 21 months old while their son, Kaleb, now three, was still just seven months in Jackson's womb.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: People
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