News You Cannot Possibly Use - 3/15/07
News You Cannot Possibly Use - 3/15/07

The week’s TV gossip and news – stolen from our mom’s purse just for you!

Sarah Jessica Parker is coming out with a clothing line, which the New York Post sniffs is going to be rather “down market” (read: not expensive).  Once again, the folks from “Sex and the City” are successfully riding the wave of a show at the peak of its popularity, right? (NY Post)

More movie stars are making the choice for a new generation: the smaller screen. American Pie alum Chris Klein and Jason Biggs will each be starring in a television series.  Biggs will be appearing in a single-camera comedy on CBS called “I’m in Hell,” and Klein will also be appearing on CBS on a comedy pilot titled “The Captain.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Reality television: where Z-listers make one last stab at cultural relevance.  Michael Lohan, Lindsey’s dad who was recently released from prison, has a reality show he wants to pitch.  Something involving giving money to hookers but just so they can talk.  VH-1 is probably mildly mulling this one over. (Post-Chronicle)

My sister’s birthday isn’t until November, but here’s an early gift to her and all the other big time David Duchovny fans out there: put away your X-files DVD, he’s coming back to television (well, premium cable at least) with a new series on Showtime. (Variety)

TMZ makes an excellent observation: aging rockers (and Barry Manilow) have started adopting a hairstyle that really does echo The View’s Barbara Walters’ do.  Maybe the juxtaposed photos will inspire these gents to put down the hairspray and back away from the teasing comb. (TMZ)

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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