News You Cannot Possibly Use - 3/13/07
News You Cannot Possibly Use - 3/13/07

The week’s TV gossip and news – found under the car seat just for you!

Larry David risks damaging his thoroughly-dislikeable public persona by accidentally being associated with not one, but two major good deeds.  A Los Angeles man, Juan Catalan, first used footage taped for an episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm to prove his innocence of a murder charge.  Now, he’s been able to use that footage to land a $320,000 settlement from his lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles.  (The Hollywood Reporter)

Does anyone ever think that we might have an obesity epidemic in this country because something like “Rock Paper Scissors” is considered a “sport?”  ESPN jumps on the bandwagon of burgeoning interest by signing on to air the national championships.  I suppose the game does have more fitness potential than the Nathan’s hot dog eating competition that ESPN has also televised.  (Variety)

Ahhh, youth.  The New York post reports that Kristin Cavallero from Laguna Beach made the always rock-solid decision to tattoo the initials of her current beau Nick Zano on her wrist.  Luckily “NZ” might be graphically simple enough to turn into another tat when the time comes.  (NY Post)

I love Oprah, but is anyone else mildly nervous that she is not content to only be one of the richest and most influential American women like ever, but might also be looking to start a secret army of super-achiever young women or something at her new school in Africa?  Can’t quite figure out why – if reports are true – she would want to restrict even parental visits to the extent that they are.

I am sure there are several really stupid Northern Exposure and Numb3rs related puns I could be making right now about Rob Morrow getting stranded on a ski trip (along with Fisher Stevens and Chad Lowe), but I will restrain myself.  You’re welcome.  (People)

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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