News You Cannot Possibly Use - 3/6/07
News You Cannot Possibly Use - 3/6/07

The week’s TV gossip and news – fished out of Perez Hilton’s garbage just for you!

No worries: Nicole Richie has been rehydrated.  I always used to think that hospitalization for dehydration was completely fake, just a cover for hospitalization for less PR-friendly activities.  Then Danielle Evans on Cycle Six of ANTM WAS hospitalized for ACTUAL dehydration.  Tyra Banks teaches me a valuable life lesson nearly every day. (US)

I don’t mean to disorient anyone, but I am just going to be sincere and not snarky about this item because I think it is a good idea: Shaquille O’Neal is going to have a short reality series on ABC about kids and fitness.  Shaq has already created a program about childhood obesity in Florida. Says the big guy: "Many of our kids are living in dangerous conditions…I felt that I had to get involved." (Variety)

Jerry SpringerRegis is out and Springer is in.  Jerry Springer will be the new host of America’s Got Talent.  Regis decided not to do another year due to the travel involved with taping in L.A.  Starting odds now on what reality contest show will complete his trifecta: The Bachelor?  How about I Love New York?  (NYDN)

Speaking of weight loss, Star Jones will be making an appearance on “Law and Order: SVU,” or, as Gawker puts it: “actor welfare.” (NY Post, Gawker)

You have got to be kidding me: ABC is considering making a sitcom out of the Geico “Easily Offended” caveman commercials.  I mean I like the commercials and all…I just sat here for about three minutes trying to think of something to say about that but I just can’t.  I am speechless.  (Defamer)

It’s been too long since I fulfilled my own arbitrary need to bring you All Things Hoffed, so here is your pointless David Hasselhoff news!  He maybe had a date!  OMG! (TMZ)

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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