MTV - Is Reality Better Than Fiction? And Music?
MTV - Is Reality Better Than Fiction?  And Music?
I have already complained about Music Television’s lack of actual music, and at this point I am resigned to never again seeing a video on the pioneer video channel.

And it would seem that MTV is possibly hitching its wagon even more firmly to the reality television trend by recently promoting a reality show maven, Lois Curren, to head its programming department.  She has been responsible for developing shows like Pimp My Ride, Punk’d and The Osbornes.  So reality fans: it would seem safe to expect more of the same!
Right now, a show following rapper Nas and “Bossy” singer wife Kelis is in the works.  Rumor also has it that phone-throwing supermodel Naomi Campbell also has a show in the works about her search for a personal assistant.  (One word to potential applicants: DUCK.)  After the success of Laguna Beach and its spinoffs, they are also heading to Brooklyn to film a reality show about students at Brooklyn Tech.

In addition to being successful, reality shows are generally much cheaper to produce than scripted television.  Considering the layoffs that have been happening recently at MTV, including more global reductions announced today, the continued reality focus seems to make business sense, even if it makes grumpy oldster long for the days of nonstop Duran Duran videos.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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