'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: Who Is the First to Be Evicted?
'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: Who Is the First to Be Evicted?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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For this abbreviated season of Celebrity Big Brother, we're getting two-hour eviction episodes on Fridays. That means nomination aftermath, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, campaigning for votes, a live eviction and interviews with past winners, all in a single episode.

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The women may be aligned and in power, but there's a reason that an all-female alliance has never worked out on this show. James may be the original target, but there are already cracks thanks mostly to Keshia and Omarosa trying to force their agenda on the rest of the alliance.

The Nominees

James is Keshia's target because of his ego, his strength and because he's the least likely to work with the girls and has never talked to her. Keshia tells Chuck that it's because he went for the gift bag, but he thinks he would've been up even if Shannon stayed HoH.

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Shannon tells James that he should lay low, but it's only so he doesn't gun for the PoV so they can take him out. Meanwhile, Mark promises to use the PoV on James if he wins it.

The Power of Veto Competition

Shannon, Ariadna and Mark are picked to play.  Keshia talks to Mark about whether he'd use it. He says he'd probably save James and she's excited to use that information to blow up Mark's game, telling all of the girls about it.

It's the classic spelling competition where the HGs must dig through a giant mud pit to collect letter tiles and spell the longest word. Whoever comes in last will get a punishment. They get very messy. Shannon has an extra "R" and Keshia asks her to put it back in the mud pit so she can take it.

Ariadna: WAING (she tried "warning," but spelled it wrong)
Mark: SOME (wow, four whole letters)
Keshia: PRIMED (a six-letter word puts her in the lead)
Shannon: RESPONSIBILITIES (a 16-letter word puts her in the lead)
James: FAMIL (he tried family, but dropped the "Y")
Chuck: SPANNED (a seven-letter word puts him in second)

Shannon wins the Power of Veto. It's not even close and that has to put an even bigger target on her, dominating and embarrassing everyone else. Heck, it's the longest word ever spelled in the history of the show, beating Paulie Calafiore's 14-letter "Sustainability."

Since Ariadna and James didn't spell a word, they're both punished. They get a "botox" treatment to make them look younger, which means being dressed like babies in onesies and being forced to crawl everywhere for 48 hours and suck on their bottles when they hear a crying baby. It's humiliating and hilarious.

Cracks in the Women's Alliance

Omarosa doesn't fully trust a seven-person alliance, so she wants to use some BGM (Black Girl Magic) and stay loyal to Keshia. Omarosa is worried that her first ally, Shannon, is becoming too big of a target, so she needs a side deal.

Keshia wants Shannon to use the PoV on Chuck so she can nominate Mark to scare him, but James would still be the target. Ross brings up that this is a terrible idea. Shannon would only do it if she can try to use it to improve her relationship with Chuck.

Omarosa gets upset that Shannon is only looking out for herself, not the team (even though Omarosa is also only looking out for herself). Shannon apologizes to smooth things over and starts crying. Keshia talks about letting the best girl win, which rubs Ross the wrong way.

Afterwards in private, Ross vents to Brandi and Marissa about Keshia's idiotic PoV plan and how her and Omarosa are excluding Ross by constantly talking about wanting a woman to win while he's in the room. There are little cracks everyone, primarily with everyone against Keshia and Omarosa.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Ross tells Shannon not to use the PoV. He adds that Keshia and Omarosa are trying to run the show and work with Chuck, but Ross wants Shannon on his side when the alliance inevitably splits.

Shannon tells Keshia that she doesn't want to do it, and Keshia acts like the alliance "collectively" decided to do it. No, this was all Keshia and Omarosa's idea because Omarosa has this foolish notion of a wartime strategy to shock and awe Mark. It causes major drama and Brandi is not OK with Omarosa trying to steamroll their alliance.

At the ceremony, Shannon decides not to use the PoV. Keshia thinks that this is the best move for Shannon, but not the alliance. Keshia is 100 percent wrong, because most of the alliance is on Shannon's side with this decision.

A Vote Flip?

Ross talks to Shannon about how he's in an alliance with two people he doesn't trust who are gunning for him. He doesn't trust Omarosa at all. Shannon brings up flipping the vote and saving James to have their backs.

Shannon figures since she's already a big target, she might as well play hard and try to make a big move. She brings up the idea of saving James to Marissa, Brandi and Ariadna, claiming that Keshia made a side deal with Chuck to protect her and Omarosa.

The Live Eviction

James promotes his new single and then talks about being humble and how he'll return the favor to anyone who votes to keep him. Chuck had fun and then repeats the same thing James just said.

Brandi votes to evict...Chuck
Ariadna votes to evict...Chuck
Omarosa votes to evict...James
Ross votes to evict...Chuck
Metta votes to evict...Chuck
Marissa votes to evict...Chuck
Shannon votes to evict...Chuck
Mark votes to evict...Chuck

Chuck Liddell is evicted 7-1!

Wow, the flip happened! Keshia wanted it to be a 7-1 vote and she got her wish, but she was hoping it would go the other way. This is a clear sign that she and Omarosa are on the bottom.

Keshia and Omarosa seem a little shook. Chuck isn't sure what happened, but he thinks it flipped last night and that James is just better at the social part of the game. He says he wants to go on The Amazing Race with his wife.

Julie Chen reveals that he will be in the jury and get to vote, but evicted HGs will get to go home and watch the episodes to inform their decision. So we're going back to seasons 2 and 3 rules.

Goodbye Messages: Omarosa says that if he's seeing this, something flipped because this wasn't the plan. Ross is honest about it being a last-minute flip that wasn't against him.

We'll see the HoH competition and nominations on Sunday's episode, then Monday will feature a live Power of Veto competition and another eviction.

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Did the house make the right decision saving James?

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