'Celebrity Big Brother' Opens Fan Vote for Three Kinds of Veto Power
'Celebrity Big Brother' Opens Fan Vote for Three Kinds of Veto Power
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
America will get to vote to change the game on Celebrity Big Brother, but it's not a big change. Fan can now vote for what type of Power of Veto the HGs will play for live on Monday night.

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The voting, which closes at 9am PT on Monday, February 19, offers three options for the fourth Power of Veto. YOU CAN VOTE HERE. They are:

Diamond Veto: The winner can save one of the nominees and choose the replacement nominee, usurping the HoH.

VIP Veto: This Power of Veto can be used once, twice or not at all. The winner can use it was a regular Power of Veto, wait for the HoH to name a replacement nominee, then choose to use it a second time.

Spotlight Veto: This is a regular Power of Veto that MUST be used. The winner can't choose not to use it, forcing them to save one of the two nominees.

No matter what, this could definitely spice things up. We won't know who won the Power of Veto because it will be played live on Monday, just before the live eviction. That also won't give the winner a lot of time to consider their options.

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Which Veto would you like to see come into play on Monday night?=

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