'Castle' Winter Premiere Preview: Ex-Wives and Current Girlfriends Don't Mix
'Castle' Winter Premiere Preview: Ex-Wives and Current Girlfriends Don't Mix
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Castle season 5 comes back from its short (thank goodness) winter hiatus on Monday, January 7 with an episode called "Significant Others." From the looks of the preview videos, it looks like poor Castle is going to have his hands full. 

Here is the official synopsis from ABC for the episode:

"When a powerful divorce attorney who only represented women is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Castle's ex-wife (Darby Stanchfield, Scandal), Meredith, moves into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovers from Mono, and to make matters worse, Beckett is also forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor and more than a little awkwardness, Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) guest stars as a pro golfer whose career went down in flames after a nasty divorce, and Nancy Lee Grahn (General Hospital) guests as a wealthy divorcee caught in a "War of the Roses"-like struggle with her ex-husband."

See? I told you Castle was going to have his hands full. Talk about awkward. 

The first preview video shows us a bit of the awkwardness, and fun, we can expect to see in the episode. Meredith is making herself at home in Castle's place and making Alexis some soup. 

Here are a few more things we know after watching the video:

  • Castle evidently has something very important to tell Meredith but just can't quite get it out. 
  • Despite what Meredith thinks, I'm betting that Becket is in fact NOT secure with her boyfriend's ex-wife moving in to his place temporarily. 
  • Meredith is a master at manipulating Castle. I think we can see what the trouble was with their relationship. 

In the second preview, we find Castle being basically interrogated by Ryan and Javi who get him to admit to the biggest mistake he's probably ever made in his life. 

Here are a few more things we know after watching the video:

  • Javi and Ryan are quite the interrogation team. See how fast they got Castle to talk?
  • According to Javi, letting an ex stay with you while you're with someone else is like throwing gasoline on firewood. Gotta say, the man's got a point. 
  • If Castle doesn't do something about his little situation, and quick, he's gonna go right over a cliff. 

The final clip features guest star Jack Wagner and it looks like the former golf pro just might be their biggest suspect in the murder case. 

Here are a few more things we know from the video:

  • Cracking jokes when being questioned by the police about a murder may not be the best idea. 
  • This ex-golfer is in a very angry place. 
  • Ex-golfer guy never considered his wife his favorite "trophy." What?? Okay, I vote we lock him up right now. Who's with me?

What do you think after watching the clips from the winter premiere of Castle? Do you think Castle will survive with his girlfriend, his ex-wife and his daughter all living under one roof? Do you think the golfer did it?

Speaking of the golfer, be sure to check out our interview with guest star Jack Wagner on Monday morning, January 7, as he teases more about the episode. 

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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