'Castle' Welcomes Another 'Firefly' Alum: Gina Torres to Guest Star in 2013
'Castle' Welcomes Another 'Firefly' Alum: Gina Torres to Guest Star in 2013
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Castle has been extremely good to all of us huge Firefly fans, and it looks like the Browncoats are about to get even happier next year. We've heard news that another crew member from Serenity is about to board the hit ABC series. 

TVLine reports that none other than Mal's second-in-command herself, Gina Torres, will be guest starring on Castle next year. 

Torres, who played Zoe to Nathan Fillion's Captain Mal on the short-lived FOX series Firefly, will join the cast as Samantha Foster. Her character is described as "a successful fashion mogul who comes off as ruthless and fierce on a Real Housewives-esque reality show." But though her character may be devious on screen, it looks like she's even worse when the cameras aren't rolling

Torres is set to appear in this season's 14th episode, called "Reality Star Struck," which will supposedly air during February sweeps. Castle is currently on hiatus for the holidays, but resumes Season 5 on January 7, with the episode "Significant Others."

This isn't the first time that the cast and crew of Castle have welcomed a former Firefly co-star. Last year, Adam Baldin (who played Jayne Cobb on the series) guested on Castle, in an April 2012 episode. 

All I can say to this bit of casting news is: Shiny! I can't wait to see Torres and Fillion on screen together again. Torres didn't appear in Syfy's Firefly 10 Year Anniversary Special last month, and I know I for one missed her. So seeing her in an episode of Castle will kind of make up for that. Torres does a wonderful job playing Jessica Pearson on USA's Suits and I'm sure she'll do an equally wonderful job with this role on Castle

What do you think of the news that Torres will be joining the cast of Castle next year? Do you think the writers will toss in a bunch of Firefly/Serenity for the fans to catch? Are you (like me) sort of hoping that maybe Torres will end up being in more than just one episode of the series? 

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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