'Castle' Spoilers: Espo Befriends a Teenager, Castle's Ex Returns and More
'Castle' Spoilers: Espo Befriends a Teenager, Castle's Ex Returns and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With the fall finale of Castle looming near, soon we'll only jve juicy tidbits from upcoming episodes to keep us warm during the winter hiatus. With that in mind, let's check out what's coming up in season 5. 

Warning: Like the title says, this post is full of spoilers for season 5 of Castle. If you want to stay blissfully unaware, go back now. If not, continue full steam ahead. 

First up, TV LINE reports that episode 12 is going to have some great stuff in it for Esposito. In the episode, Espo and the rest of the team will be investigating the death of an up-and-coming DJ. The investigation will send them into the world of New York City's club scene and will also lead Esposito to befriend a troubled teenager (played by Reed Between the Lines' Nadji Anthony Jeter). Espo will apparently take the younger man under his wing and try to straighten the guy out before it's too late. 

Bonus Scoop: The episode features a guest turn by The Unit's Michael Irby as a criminal who may have a history with the aforementioned murdered DJ. Oooh, sounds interesting. 

In another bit of fun news, TV Guide reports that the gang at Castle will be taking another foray into the world of rock n'roll. After dipping their toes into the musical scene in the recent documentary episode, the team will dive in again when Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a DJ. The upcoming episode guest stars Taylor Cole (The Event, CSI: Miami) as an aging pop star whose album launch party was the victim's final gig. 

Finally, we've got a bit of sad news from EW's Inside TV. Don't worry though, it's not super sad, just a little worrying. It seems that poor Alexis is going to come down with mono in an upcoming episode. With her daughter ill, Alexis' mom is going to head back into town to take care of her. With that combination, plus Martha and Beckett on hand, Castle is going to find himself completely surrounded by women. Will the ex find out about Castle and Beckett? I have no idea but I can't WAIT to find out. 

What do you think of all these intriguing Castle spoilers? Which episode are you most looking forward to checking out? Will it be Castle's ex coming into town to take care of a sick Alexis, Esposito taking a troubling teenager under his wing, or the team investigating a crime in the musical scene?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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